Untamed Librarian – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 12]

Episode 17🌺

‘Yes boss’..Marco answered as the burly man of about forty known as Big P called..

‘I’ve got some business for you Marco’..he said..

‘Yeah what is it??’..Marco asked..

‘Remember our former client,Alejandro Montana??’..


‘Well he’s got some debts to pay and it seems like he’s no longer in the business anymore so I want to teach him a lesson_he has a step daughter,Chelsea Montana’..

‘The Chelsea Montana of Chesapeake resorts??’..Marco asked..

‘Yeah that Chelsea Montana,i want you to spy on her for a while,monitor her movements for a week or two and then bring her to me,I don’t care how you do it just do it!!’…

******* ****** ********

Rogan followed Chelsea about without her knowledge and when she got to beach her whistled..

‘Well well if it isn’t I-have-my-pride Chelsea’..he said..

Chelsea rolled her eyes and hissed a little before giving him a reply…

‘What do you want Rogan??,I thought I asked you to leave me alone?!’..

‘Well I don’t want to and I won’t leave you alone if that’s what you’re asking for Chelsea,come on we had something great going together why would you just throw it away???’..He asked..

‘Ohh five days of mindless sex isn’t something great Rogan it’s foolishness okay now if you’ll excuse me my father is waiting for me’..Chelsea replied and tried to walk away but Rogan was quick to block her path..

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‘Forget about us anyway hows your Dad??’..He asked..

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Oh now he’s changing tactics,great,just great.Chelsea thought..

‘He’s fine,why are you asking anyway it’s not like you know him from somewhere??’..

‘Ohh I do actually,He’s Alejandro Montana right,who doesn’t know him in Costa Rica??’..He blurted out…

When he saw the bemused expression on Chelsea’s face he gulped hard..

‘I thought you said Miami is the first place you’ve traveled to??’..Chelsea asked..

‘Uhhh ye..yeah it’s just that uhmmm i lived in Costa Rica,that’s where I got my college degree’..

‘Hmmm okay’..She said..

The handsome Rogan was definitely hiding something and she is going to find out what…

******* ******** *******

At Night🌚
‘Ahhhhhh that’s better’..Chelsea moaned softly as she stepped into the pool…

For the first time in a while she was feeling relaxed..

No signing of papers..

No one to intrude on her..

No staff to ask for their pay…

Just her and the cool blue-like water..

She closed her eyes and floated at the top of the water…

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So immensely pleased with the outcome she didn’t even notice the stranger that walked past her until…

‘Hey!!’..He screamed and she jolted..

‘Who the f…Ricco?!!!’..she screamed in reply and stared at the man she dreaded..

Her ex Fiancee was back…

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