Strange saga – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 4]

Next Morning
I tied my wrapper comfortably around my waist and went to the shower.. I saw the sitting room light on and grew suspicious..
Who could be there? I slowly opened the curtain and saw saw Betty. She was operating her phone and watching a movie..
She sighted me
Betty: Hi dear, how was ur night?
Me: Fine, why are u up so early
Betty: Jim left since yesterday and hasn’t arrived.. I wonder where he is
Me: You should have called him now
Betty: I have… Don’t worry about him. I have you here.
She stood up and moved towards me
Me: Betty, don’t do this. I don’t want my uncle to throw me out.
Betty: Don’t you love me
Me: I do…
To be sincere, I’m not sure, I thought to myself
Betty: Why can’t we just
She undidu wrapper and took hold of me.. I loosened myself from her grip and left her standing… What do girls really want.
Why is you decide to cheat on tour bf… And to worsen it, you’re doing it with his brother…
I took my shower and dressed up.
I came out to the dining. I never expected Betty to even talk to me..
She sat on the dining chair and signaled me to come.
I took my seat and opened the plate, she prepared Egg and tea…
Betty: Do you like it honey
Me: Yes thanks… But Betty don’t be annoyed
Betty: Why should I be annoyed
Me: For what I did this morning
Betty: I understand, but please make sure u don’t let this spill out
Me: How?? What?? I don’t understand
She handed to me the tea
Betty: Promise me, u won’t tell anyone about what has happened between me and you
Me: I promise
Betty: Will you swear
Me: I swear with my life, I won’t let anyone know about it
Betty: If you tell anyone about this, you won’t succeed in life
Me: Betty that’s too much
She showed me the tea and alas I had taken an oath… Right in the glass cup was a red substance…
Me: Betty are u trying to drug me
Betty: That’s not a drug, I got that from a powerful medicine man in town.. If anyone breaks his or her promise after taking this , he promised me that the person would like get struck with insanity
Me: Yeee mogbe… Betty, you have killed me…
Betty: I did that because I loved you. I just wanted to protect you..
Me: Betty, this is too much. I didn’t know you were this fetish
Betty: It’s not about being Fetish, this is the only way I can get your confidence… Please forgive me.. She started crying
Me: Betty, don’t do this.. Why the tears now…
I tried to pacify her, then I left quickly for work with a big load on my heart.. I just took a big oath…
I got to school late. The assembly was almost over when I arrived. The principal was furious about my coming late. I had no one to place the blame on. No traffic congestion this morning. Getting to the staff room. I had three classes to attend to, 45 mins for each.
7 hours later
I took a bike home. I had a strenuous day.
Phone rings
An unknown number
Me: Yes hello. Who is speaking..
I suddenly recognize Jummy’s voice
Jummy: Hello Ola…
Me: How are u Jimmy. Did you forget anything..
Jummy: No. I just wanted to call you.
Me: Really.. That’s nice of you
She laughs and keeps quiet for a while..
Me: Jummy, what is it… Did you want to tell me something
She didn’t say anything instead she hanged up.. I smiled and waved the Okada man
Two weeks later
The Open Day of the school occurred, where student had to invite their parents or guardians to school to see how their wards were coping…
It was the same day I met… Jide, Jummy’s uncle..
I had talked to a couple of parent before he arrived…
Me: Good afternoon sir…. How you doing
Jide: Good afternoon. (To Jummy)
Is this the teacher you talked about
Jummy nodded her head affirmatively.
I smiled
Jide offered an handshake
Jide: Thanks for taking care of Jummy. She talks about you to me every now and then. I can notice a vivid improvement in her studies since she came across you.
Me: Thanks is all to God for using me
Jide: I’m so grateful sir.
We talked on many issues and he offered me a request to be Jummy home lesson teacher.. I was dazed by his request.. Wow, my prayers are getting answered..
I told him I would think about it, I knew I never needed to
A week later
After school hour
I changed my dress and left for Jummy’s house. I was to resume the lessons today…
Jummy had called me earlier and her tone was like she took me more than a teacher… I hope she is not just falling for a cruel hearted guy like me.
I got to the house and dailed the bell. I waited for about 40 seconds before the door opened…
Jummy hugged me and ushered me in. The house was nice. I saw the section we were to use as class room and told Jummy I wanted to greet Uncle Jide inside. She showed me the way….
I opened the main entrance and collided with Tara….
Me: Gorsh, Tara… What are you doing here
Tara: Ola…. What are u doing here..
Me: Actually I came as a lesson teacher for Jummy… And you
Tara: Jummy again… You want to fool her and have sex with her and kidnap her how u did to me and Folake right… I won’t allow that…
Me: Don’t let me think you are jealous
She raised her voice
Tara: Help me out… Kidnapper!!!
Me: Tara!! Who told you I’m a Kidnapper.. I am not. Why do u think like that
Tara: You are not a Kidnapper and you kidnapped me…
Me: Please Tara, don’t do this.. Anything you want to do, I’ll do it. Please don’t put shame on me…
Tara: Did you just say anything….
Me: Yes…. I will do anything
Tara: I’m living with my sister whose house is just a street away…
She gave me her address and told me to visit her the next day…
Me: Is that all…
Tara: If you come, I will keep mute, but of you don’t…. Well your name will ring on newspaper
Me: Don’t worry I will… I Promise you i will…
She walked past me and closed the door loudly…
I took a deep breath
Chai, hope this girl is not planning revenge
I just hope she is not planning on kidnapping me this time.. But all the same u have to go to avoid shame…
I looked around to see if anyone heard us and went inside to see Uncle Jide
To be continued

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