Strange saga – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 4]

My hands were shaking, I didn’t know what to say to Pablo, ilooked at the time it was 4:02pm… U placed the phone down and went into the bath, had a quick bath, dressed up.. A brown Jean and a useless top like that. I grabbed my fone and headed for Yemi’s place
I arrived there in thirty minutes, thanks to the newly constructed Ambode lanes
I didn’t even bother to knock, I just barged in
Me: Yemi! Yemi!! Yemi!!! Where are you? I looked at his room, it was empty.. Came out again and checked outside the compound, no one at all.. God, why is this happening… I dashed inside again and looked every where, still no sign of Yemi anywhere
Chai, my head started reminiscing rubbish… Could Yemi be playing pranks on me?
Is he one of Pablo men?
I sighted a leaflet on the floor, picked it up and saw the text, with ‘If the money is ready, bring it to me
Chai, is Yemi betraying me now
I pulled out my fone and dailed his number
Me: Yemi, I dey ur house… Where u dey
Yemi: Ola see ehn, just try and arrange the money Pablo is asking, he does not want to hear anything… I’ve tried speaking r him but he’s just too adamant to realising Folake… I think the only solution is to bring the money before tomorrow dawn
Me: Yemi, you can’t say that… You know that it was my last penny that Tara stole away… Can’t you even ask her where she kept it… Please protect Folake for me… Abeg
Yemi: Don’t stay there pleading for broken shells to become whole… The one a d only way out is to bring the ransom to Pablo understand!???
He hunged the phone hard, I felt like the whole world crashing on me… I thought and thought of what to do until I could think anymore…
I stood in front of my door, it was just as I left buh I felt something strange somehow.. I tiptoes inside and looked everywhere, there was no trace of an intruder… I shrugged the thoughts of and went into my room, on my bed was a figure backing me, stained with blood…
Me: Who is this, how did you gain entrance into my house, Who the hell are you??!!
The figure stood and turned around
I saw Folake with her face as if it were dipped into a pool of stinking blood with worms coming out of her ears, eyes and nose…
Folake: You cruel soul, you want to forsake me after I had shown u my utmost love… Out of love I came here but in ur most cruel passion for my demise, you planned my destruction… The end result, I tell you, it would be sorrowful… Immediately she dissappeared
I jumped up from my sleep, my heartbeat accelerated. I looked around, I was in Yemi’s house.. I ran out like a mad man with people gazing widely at me.. I got home in no time, I took up Tara’ phone, the one she forgot at my place and dailed the guys number…
Me: Hello nigga…. Do u care for Tara…. Don’t forget where I told u meet me
Caller: I care for Tara and I haven’t forgotten where u said we should meet but I don’t have that huge amount to spend on a girl… You could kill her if u want to but I swear you would regret it, your generations to come would…..
I hunged up immediately. God, even the guy I depnded on is already f—–g up… I looked around thinking of what next step to take.. It’s jus 44 hours to go..
Just then I remembered. The Police
Yes, the Police station.. That is the only alternative but what if they kill Folake if they discover I have reported to the station….
More so I have a bad past with the Police, all the same. Folake must not die
Chai, wetin I go do now??
To be continued
To my readers
Do u think I should report to the station??
Do u think Yemi is on Pablo side or mine..

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