Strange saga – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 4]

I went to one corner of the Library to cry my eyes out since the Library keeper wasn’t in.. I noticed someone close to the huge window crying silently, i decided to get close and try to console her…
“Hi can i sit with you?”
There was no response.. I asked again but silence was the answer, i was prepared to leave just then she said
“Please don’t go.. Am just sad but don’t worry i will get over it”
At last she said something… Though she was chubby also but not as fat as i am.. I kept quiet trying to get her accent and i knew she was actually from Nigeria
“Charisma and yours?”
“Christabel” i quickly replied
“Oh the fat pepperoni in school.. I guess you are becoming popular” she laughed.. I guess the word fat should never come out from her mouth again.. I was fuming inside but with time we blended well..Charisma felt bad about her body and wished to die but after so many motivational talks and therapy..she wanted to study medicine and become a Plastic surgeon, she was always with the quote of; “Your body is beautiful, enjoy it!”
We talked for hours about places, this school and yes of course about Tiara..

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Two days later, i decided to take Charisma along to see Bright (the wounded student) at the hospital, we bought gifts and food since we were visitors.. Bright welcomed us warmly..he apologized for making fun of me the last time and promised to be better.. We became tight buddies, that was how i found my friends

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Bright got discharged from the hospital after the serious head injury which cost him most of the curriculum been delayed.. We helped out though

3 weeks to the dance competition.. I was anticipating on if Sina might call me to join her group..but she didn’t, then an idea popped up
“Risma let’s make our own team since what the school needed was 4 members.. I have you, Bright and I” i said smiling
Charisma looked sad but she never said a word, i sat close to her and said

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