Strange saga – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 4]

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I laid lazily on my bed, my pillows on one side my head on d other side of d bed. My phone beeped. A new message. I opened it. I was surprised to see what Folake texted. “Good morning my love, I know u had a nice night”
I don’t know if I will ever understand girls sha… I quickly failed her number, she picked it up after two beeps
Me: Hello Folake
Folake: Good morning hun.
Me: Hmmn, did u mistakenly type that message.
Folake: No, I mean it
Me: You have concluded?
Folake: Yes, I will be ur girlfriend, she laugjed silently.
Me: Wow, thank you dear. I love you.
Folake: me too
I told her I would call back, I needed to celebrate my luck today. I jus flung my phone one side and began jumping and shouting… I was so happy, I was still in my joyful mood when my door barged open and femi entered. I was startled.
Me: Oga ade. Why u con dey sweat like monkey like this. You chop hot coconut ni?
Femi: Humble boss, this one pass hot coconut, police are after me
Me: Wait, u dream for night abi na morning
Femi: Omg, Ola u have started again. I’m not joking, the police are after me
Me: Michael, wetin u con do?
Femi: Ehn u know that girl, I tod u about…. Tinuke …
Me: The pastor’s daughter. Yes, what about it.
Femi: Well, the devil used me
Me: Used you? Wait don’t tell me you….
Femi: Please let me hide here
Me: Wait first, when you dey do am, shey u call me? Now kasala don burst u con dey run here, abeg commot from my house. The siren was nearer now, I knew I had 2 act fast unless dis I don’t would cobalise me. I pulled him out nd tried pushing him away. He was so adamant to leave. We stood there dragging like two idiot until d police arrived.
Just then one old, fat, full beard man came out of d van.
“Arrest this two” I shouted I’m not there o, please spare me. They just took me up like a wounded leave and bundled d both of us into d van…

Three hours later, I woke up and for d myself inside a dark cell. Devastated like hell… I stood up and went to bang the door hard, just then an officer came and shouted, “COME OUT!!!” Chai, I don die. One minute, I was jubilating, the other I’m been treated like a captive. God, what kind of calamity is dis one.
I came to the passage and saw police men up a nd down.. They led me to the yard outside where I saw Femi tied down and being beaten like a Christmas Carol goat.. It was like they were threatening him to say d truth, you know how Nigerian police do now????‍♀… He was almost drenched in blood, yet he was denying d fact dat he had something to do with d girl..
Police: Do you know him?
Me: Yes
Police: What of this girl? (What of this girl?)
Me: Yes, this is Tinke
Police: Where were u last night
Me: At home
A slap landed on my face, I suddenly started seeing everyone in yellow outfits..
Police: Answer me now, how many of u raped this girl?
Rape…. No… Nooooo, sir I didn’t do such thing. I was kicked hit so hard. I fell to the ground before I knew what was happening reporters were already around d with their camera taking cool photos of us with the inscription. Two boys rates pastor’s daughter in Lagos… I almost fainted. I wondered what would happen if it is broadcasted on TV or newspaper. Chai, what if Folake sees it…
To be continued

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