Strange saga – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 4]

Your dad is over Mexico, messing around with a Mexican b*tch and yo tell me trash?..Yo got the guts to eat my food, drink my tea and getting much fatter by the day!”

*Pause* That word “FATTER” really got me
“What?! Am fat?”
“Yes yo are and you need to melt yourself into pulp!’
“Oh yea?”
I felt bad by that word,even my mum knew i hated when people call me fat..I looked at her with tears in my eyes and left breakfast, she was fuming and confused
“Baby wai-t”
I just ran out..I was still tearing up when the school bus came to pick me…the door of the bus swing open and i boarded
Just then the bus guy said
“See Oyinbo oo..See hair, see as how you dy shine like gorimapa” the other kids in the bus laughed so hard not because i was fair but because i was very fatttttt…until one hit his head on the window rail and fainted
“Abeg take am easy oo” the driver continued laughing
I saw how wounded this kid was and asked for help
“Please sir, someone’s an ambulance” i was trying to resuscitate the wounded student
“Oboy i don enter today oo” the driver looked shocked
“So what yo saying? Be quick pls!” I was starting to form
The kids in the bus were amazed not because of the incident but because of my accent and my willingness to help the wounded student
“Okay una go go late for schooling sha because i go take Oyinbo and Obeni go hospital”
The kids nodded in agreement..
“Pheew i saved someone today”… I said to myself
I felt proud of myself..
Gotten to the hospital..the nurses rushed out to grab the wounded boy from the driver’s grip.. All i heard from the nurses were
“Jesus is this actually a human being?” I thought they were talking about the wounded boy but it all landed on me
“You too fat oo.. No tell me you save this boy” one of the nurses said
“Abeg try reduce, you fit dance at all?”
I was embarrassed…is this what fat people go through in Nigeria,because we are fat we can’t be heard?

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