Strange saga – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 4]

Big bold and beautifulBig bold and beautiful

Big bold and beautiful

My names are Christabel Ijeoma Zendaya.. Half Nigerian, half American but literally i was raised up by my free careless junky of a mother who was the dad on the other hand travelled with his Mexican girlfriend (don’t say he is a bad man mum caused it sha)..we were handed over to my mum due to court standards because my mum caught my dad cheating and wanted a divorce ..Well i am FAT… Very very chubby though.. I was actually left to do whatever i like because i was the baby of the house and my elder siblings are actually out of the country in search of a better life
Mum and I had to leave the States when i was much younger and decided to spend eternity in Nigeria.. Chaii.. See suffer oo

Oh i almost forgot.. I know you are surprised at my accent but the good news is that i met a lot of Nigerian friends, learnt pidgin and blended in.. But when you listen close i still got my American accent

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We were living in a well decorated house with already-made furniture and swimming was interesting until mum enrolled me into a mixed school without my consent, she said it’s named “BRITISH HIGH” bla bla bla.. I was mad at her initially but i needed to mix up with NIGERIAN KIDDOS Ugh!!

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Day one preparing for school
“Ristabel come over breakfast is ready..ya gonna be late for school?” Mum nagged
Always fantasizing about that school!!
“Coming” i said rushing down to eat
She pecked me and greeted
“Good morning my love”
“Mom?? Please stop kissing me, am not a child”
“You are sweetie” mum laughed as she brought out a pack of cigarette and lighted one
“Always smoking” i murmured to myself but never knew she heard me
“Christabel why you always on this matter?”
“Mum!!..Why are you always on drugs? Huh?? Coming to my school and the kids say ” that’s her mom, a junky? Loser?”
“Please just stop! You have no idea how i worked so hard, worked up my ass to save for us huh??”

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