Strange saga – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 4]

“Arinze, Arinze wake up, its late already.” Arinze jumped out of bed in alarm. He was sweating and panting furiously.

“Chike….you are alive. How did it happen?” Arinze questioned in confusion.
“Have you gone nuts? What kind of dream did you have that you’re like this?” A surprised Chike asked.
“Chike, I’m not going to that stream today even though there is no water in the house.”
“Who is talking about going to the stream today? Today is the sacred day and that was why we spent the whole afternoon fetching water yesterday.” Chike explained further, wondering what was wrong with his friend.
“Arinze, are you sure you are okay?” Arinze only nodded.
“Chike I had this horrifying long dream. It seemed soo real. That was why I was confused when you woke me up. I can’t tell you how happy I am that it was just a dream.” Chike looked at Arinze all over and gave him a mocking laughter.

“Wait, is that why you’re sweating like a child being captured by masquerades?”
“Is that what you’ll say after telling you I almost had a heart attack?”

“Dress up please. We all agreed that we would go to Afor to pluck mangoes early this morning. I left Ugo and Obiora to come and call you, only to find you hugging your bed and you’re talking of heart attack.”
Arinze quickly picked his green shirt on the floor and both left the room. The sun was already up. That was when Arinze realised he really overslept. As they were leaving the compound, they met Ngozi, Arinze’s younger sister, peeling cassavas and eyeing them at the same time.
“Tell mama that I left with Chike for Afor. I’ll be back before afternoon.”
“Pregnant fool. Because he managed to fetch water yesterday, that’s why he decided to sleep till few minutes ago. Instead of helping me, he’s rushing out to pluck mangoes wth his friends.” Ngozi kept cursing and murmuring to herself.

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They got to Chike’s house where the other boys were waiting for them. Seeing them again reminded Arinze of his dream and he felt happy within him that it was just a dream.

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“Arinze was tightly hugging his mattress and wouldn’t let go. I had to use a thin rod to separate them.” Chike teased when he was asked why he delayed.

“If you were in my shoes, you wouldn’t even be here. I was trying to tell him about the dream I had but he wouldn’t listen.” Arinze defended as they all left to their destination.

“Infact gist us this your dream you’ve been emphasizing on since I got to your house. What is it about?” Chike finally commented.

By the time they got to the mango trees just behind Afor, they were all gobsmacked after hearing the story. But to Arinze it was not just a story. He felt something stronger. He had been thinking about it since they left his house. He wondered if the stream goddess was trying to pass across a message through him.

He had been told by his father that sometimes, seeing oneself or familiar people in a dream does not always mean the dream was pointing to them. Still thinking, he remembered the day his sister stubbornly wanted to go down to the stream to fetch water but was caught by people who saw her with a water pot on a sacred day.

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Maybe the dream is an insight into what could happen if someone made a costly mistake like we did. It could even be a revelation of what happened to those people whose stories we’ve heard about from our parents. He thought as he ran after a mango thrown in his direction.

One thing was sure;whatever was the real meaning of his dream, Arinze was undoubtfully happy that everything started and ended in the spiritual realm.

***THE END***

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