Strange saga – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 4]

They all waited till late in the night to see if Ejiro was gonna wake up from coma but when it was really getting close to midnight, Isaac and Anne decided to go home while Ben volunteered to stay back and keep an eye on her.
Anne dropped Isaac off at his apartment and left for hers, Isaac walked into his compound and was surprised to see the light in his room switched on, he was so sure that he switched the light off before leaving for class in the morning. He walked slowly through the silent compound trying not to make any noise and disturbing the people sleeping. He got to the door and tried opening it without the keys, to his greatest surprise, the door wasn’t locked. Never before since he has been living in that apartment has he ever forgotten to lock the door with keys, moreover he was so certain about how he left the house after switching off the light and locking the door. He prayed in his mind that it should just be a case of the locals breaking into his House and nothing more.
He entered the house slowly and saw that the room was just as he left it in the morning, all his furnitures and electronics were intact, he wondered if he really didn’t lock the door or something wasn’t just right. He left the door opened for him to be able to run out if he sees anything strange, immediately he stepped away from the door, the door closed by itself and clicked like someone just locked it from outside. Fear gripped him, he started feeling cold from the inside, he started struggling to open the door but all his efforts proved fruitless, the door was strongly locked, nevertheless he kept on struggling with the door until he started feeling weak, when he realised he was getting weak he let go off the door but the was still feeling the weakness. Gradually he felt all his body being paralysed, he fell down to the ground and couldn’t move his hand, legs or any part of his body except for his eyes and mouth.
“What is happening to me, am I having stroke or what” he said to himself.
“You are not having stroke, you are only feeling all these because I am making you feel so” someone said and it sounded like the voice was coming from the kitchen.
“Who is there” he tried to shout but he couldn’t, his voice just came out softly like a whisper.
He started hearing footsteps and knew the person was approaching, he expected the worst but who he saw was far more than the worst he was expecting.
“Hello babe, what are you going to eat tonight now” Anne asked on the other end of the line.
“Babe I can’t eat anything tonight but I will be glad if you can make me yam and egg for breakfast tomorrow” Ben replied .
“Okay baby, take care of yourself and I love you” Anne
“I love you too babe” he replied and hung up.
Ben’s sitting on a chair close to Ejiro’s bed, he was so exhausted to the extent that he was already dozing off until he heard Ejiro’s voice.
“You won’t understand” Ejiro said
Ben was so happy when he heard the voice, he thought she was out of coma but when he saw that her eyes were still shut, he realised that she was still unconscious. He was still contemplating on whether he should go and summon the doctor or not when he heard her speak again.
“Ajadi my mates are angry with me, they said I have broken the rule by falling in love with you, they have not even talked to me in a while and am scared about what they can do to us” she said unconsciously.
Ben was surprised and afraid at the same time, he remembered the dream Isaac told him about Ejiro referring to him as Ajadi.
“I don’t want people to start saying that another person has died because of Omolabake” Ejiro spoke again.
He remembered that Omolabake was the name that Isaac said Ejiro called herself, he also remembered the day he passed out when he was making out with Anne, he remembered he was speaking some strange words unconsciously and also remembered calling out the name Omolabake, he was more certain when Anne confirmed to him that he kept on repeating the name Omolabake.
He began to wonder what’s really happening to all of them, wondering if they are all part of the prophecy that strange priest in the village was talking about. He really needed someone to explain this mystery and prophecy’ he concluded in his mind.
“How did you get into my house Beatrice and what are you doing to me” Isaac asked still lying paralysed on the floor.
“You can’t even recognise me when you see me so how can you make the right decisions. Wait, is it that you really can’t remember anything” Said Beatrice.
“What are you saying, I can’t make any sense out of everything you just said” Isaac replied.
“What a pity, even if you can’t remember anything, it won’t stop me from taking my vengeance on you” she said
“Beatrice what did I do to you, how did I wrong you” he asked pitifully
“Beatrice is no longer here, I am borrowing her body for the time being, as soon as am done with my mission, I will leave” she said smiling.
Looks like she was enjoying the view of him lying down helplessly.
“Who are you” he inquired
“I am Clarieta” she replied nonchalantly
“What in heaven’s name are you saying, okay let’s even assume that you are Clarieta, what wrong did I do to you, why did you tried to kill me the other day”.
“I didn’t try to kill you, I killed you. I don’t know why that stupid priest revive you” she snapped at him.
“But why” he snapped back
“Because you chose her over me” she said and headed back to the kitchen.
“Chose who, when, where, how” he asked but didn’t get any reply.
He started trying to think back and see if he had ever met Clarieta before meeting her in class the other day. He was still thinking it through when he heard the strange voice again.
“Didn’t I tell you to be careful and watchful” the strange voice spoke.
He realised it was the voice that called himself Babatunji but he couldn’t reply by speaking out loud because he was scared Beatrice or Clarieta as she claimed to be might hear his voice from inside.
“Please help me” he said in his mind hoping that the voice would be able to read his mind.
“I can hear you and yes I have called out for help, let’s just hope the help comes before she kills you” the voice replied
“Who did you call for help, is it Ben” he said in his mind again but the voice had gone mute.
Clarieta approached from the kitchen with a cup in her hand. She came closer to where Isaac was lying down and tried to force the substance in the cup down his throat. Suddenly a light shone brightly at a corner of the wall in the room, gradually the light dimmed and the chief priest appeared.

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Final episode tomorrow morning… watch out

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