Strange saga – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 4]

Then the real party started but deep down i knew i was going to die because the doctor wanted me to prepare my mind not telling my mom about the consequences
I kept it away from her, after all there was nothing she could do

“Sina thank you!” I said
“You’re welcome”
“Uhmm Sina am sorry for thinking bad about you” Charisma imterrupted
“Nevermind.. You needed to be sure about me”

Just then mum’s lover came and fortunately it was Sina’s dad.. He was a single dad too and handsome, no wonder mum fell easily
“Dad!!” Sina screamed in joy
“Omg is she your daughter?!”
“Yes” he said smiling
“Wow..This is my daughter too!”
We all stared confused
“So what’s going on?” I said winking at mom
“Wow really?”
“Can someone answer me?!” I and Sina chorused
“Oh she’s my girlfriend” Sina’s dad said
“Wow!!!” Sina said
“But hold up.. You’re gonna be my step sister!!!!” I and Sina chorused

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I really loved it though at least when am gone, mum has a replacement
After two weeks, i went back for the appointment since i ended my studies..I was ready to look death in the face

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“Welcome back Miss Christabel..Ready for treatments?”
“Yes ma”
Then the therapies commenced and within months i was losing my hair and getting shrunken since the issue was leukaemia and blood was needed urgently but there was no solution because mom was running everywhere in search of blood.
Charisma came to check up on me..I looked at her for the last time and said
“Your body is beautiful enjoy it..I love you” then i gave up the ghost
Charisma couldn’t believe her eyes..She screamed in anxiety alerting the nurses and doctors on duty, throwing herself on the floor and repeatedly saying; “She was my best friend!”

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My mom ran in shocked covering her mouth, she knew the worst has happened
2 months later, i was buried, relatives visited and the worst of all, dad came..he came on my death day..
Mom moved on and forgave dad..Having Mmasinachi

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