Strange saga – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 4]

Unknown time****
Many people were gathered at the village square, they were all summoned by Ajadi, they had to honour his call even after they have all decided to stay away from him and his lover but there is no way they will write the history of the village without mentioning Ajadi’s name.
What he did for them in the war can never be overemphasised and that is why they are here to honour him, the whole council of elders were there, men, women and children were all there. Ajadi was loved by all untill the issues with Omolabake started.
“As you all know, I am Ajadi omo Balogun” he started.
“You all are aware of the sacrifices I have made for this village, you all know the outrageous things I have done just to keep this village safe. I have fought so many battles, I sustained many injuries to my flesh and many injuries to my heart. I have lost many of my friends, friends who I personally convinced to follow me to war. I did all these things because of my love for this village and my love for the generations yet unborn. Right now I have made a choice, a choice which most of you have rejected me for, I know not the reasons why you all reject me for my decision” he paused and walked closer to the audience.
“When I made the decision to die at war for this village, nobody rejected me for it. When I went into reckless battles for this village, nobody rejected me for it but now that I have decided to marry the one my heart chose for me, you all rejected me.
I am not here to sympathise for you people to accept me and my chosen bride but I am only here to beg you for one reason” he continued
“On the next full moon I want to marry my chosen bride Omolabake right here at the market square and I want the blessing of the elders. As soon as we are done with the blessing, I will leave this village with my wife never to return again, can you do this for a soldier who would have laid down his life for all of you without a second thought” he asked
Everybody kept mute, they were all ashamed of their actions, ashamed for abandoning one of their finest soldier. One of the elders stood up to speak after they have all deliberated for a while.
“Ajadi igo we will stand by you on this, it’s your decision to make and you have made it already. Even if you want to keep on living in the kingdom, it is alright by us” A man who appeared to be the head of the elder’s coucil said.
“Thank you very much elders, thank you very much everyone for sparing me your time and thank you for your cooperation. I will always remember all of you wherever my destiny takes me ” Ajadi said and walked away.

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**Present day**

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“Why do you keep calling me Ajadi, my name is Isaac and your name is Ejiro” Isaac
“How many times do you want me to tell you that your name is Ajadi and that I am Omolabake, try to remember my love, don’t stop the memories from coming, let them come, I need you to remember everything, you have fallen too much time, please remember Ajadi igo, Ajadi please remember, please remember. Ajadi! Ajadi!! Ajadi!!!”
Which kain dream be this na, that’s the third time am having this particular dream, what does it really mean. ‘Isaac who just woke up from a dream said to himself.
“Mumu I hope say you sabi the time sha, you dey talk about one stupid dream, no carry your stupid self enter bathroom make you prepare for lectures” said Ben.
He was already dressed up for school and was about to exit the door when he heard Isaac’s voice.
“Wetin dey worry you na, no be 10am lectures we get and na just 8am wan go knack so” said Isaac after checking his phone to know the time.
“Toor na u kan sabi that one oo, I wan go see Miss Anne before lecture start and I gats check my babe Ejiro for house first” Ben said and stepped out.
Ben got to Ejiro’s room, she was still sleeping when he got there, they just talked for a while and then he left after she insisted she wants to get some more sleep. He decided to go call Clarieta so they could tag along to go see Miss Anne for the meeting.
He was about to knock at the door but he heard Clarieta’s voice behind closed doors, she was certainly talking to someone.
“It’s a very hard decision for me to make and moreover I have not yet accomplished my mission with the chosen one, please give me more time, I beg you” those are the things Clarieta was saying inside.
Ben concluded that Clarieta was cheating on his friend Isaac and that she has a mission to carry out, out of curiosity he opened the door slowly only to find Clarieta talking to the wall.
She didn’t notice his presence because she was so focused on the wall or so he thought, He got scared and closed the door silently, he decided to knock this time around.
“Who is there” Clarieta shouted from inside after hearing the knock.
“It’s me Ben, are you ready “he asked.
“Yeah give me a minute and I will be with you” She replied.
After some minutes she came outside and they began walking down to school like they have always been doing ever since Miss Anne has been working directly with the four guys she appointed.
The only difference was that Ben was awkwardly silent throughout their journey to school, unlike the previous days that they would have argued about a whole lot of things..
Ben tried to forget what he saw in the morning but it kept playing back in his head throughout the day, he hardly spoke to Isaac and Ejiro let alone Clarieta herself.
He has been avoiding her since they got to school in the morning, he didn’t even say a word throughout their group discussion with Miss Anne, whenever Miss Anne asked if he was alright, he just smiled and nodded his head.
Another thing that kept him baffled is the hostility between Clarieta and Miss Anne.
He has been observing them from the very first day in Miss Anne’s office but he thought it was just their jealous instincts that was getting the best of them.
Now school’s over and the 4 of them (Ben, Isaac, Ejiro and Clarieta) were walking down to the girls’ house.
Isaac is bothered about his dream, Ben is bothered about what he saw this morning so the two guys were just unnecessarily silent, only God knows what’s bothering Clarieta because she was silent too.
Ejiro tried to cheer all of them up but she kept on reaching a dead end so she gave up and concluded it was just a boring day for all of them.
When they got to their gate, the boys said their goodbyes, Clarieta called Ben back and whispered into his ear
“I know you saw me this morning, let’s both pretend like it never happened ” she said and smiled …..
to be continued…

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