Strange saga – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 4]

Unknown Time***

Ajadi woke up barely remembering anything that happened last night, he thought he was in his room at his father’s house but when his eyes opened widly he was shocked.
How could his room be so rough.
Gradually he started remembering that he has left his nice room and house for an excuse of a hut, everything seem to be damaged, damaged roof, damaged window the only good thing in the room is Labake who he is not even seeing on her side where she slept, he stood up to go look for Labake only to get outside to see Labake dancing again.
Dancing to no tune, she was so enjoying it. Ajadi stood at the door trying to understand what is really happening, he decided not to intervene, after Labake danced for a long period of time, then she started waving her hand like she was bidding some people goodbye.
But there is no one here, who is she waving to, could it be that those are the people beating spiritual drums for her, is she really an emere, what is really happening.
As soon as she stopped waving, she fell down lifelessly and fainted.
Ajadi ran to where she was and rushed her inside.
He was out of ideas because he doesn’t even know what happened.
What is happening, what have I gotten myself into, what will I do.
He ran outside to get water to sprinkle on Labake but before he got back, she was awake.
Labake you scared me, what happened out there, why were you dancing alone.
That is not the question you are supposed to ask me, the question you are supposed to ask is who am I’ she said .
For the first time in his life. He was scared.

*** Present Day (Lagos State) ***

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Woman, have always told you not to disturb me, when the time is right I will take our children home but now is not the time.
What do you mean now is not the time, you won’t even allow them to meet their extended family, this is just not fair o Papa Ben, it’s not fair at all and speaking of children when was the last time you called Ben to ask him how he is fairing.
Mama Ben please don’t pressure me and if it’s about calling Ben, I will call him right away he said and brought out his phone and dialled a number .
Hello Dad…
Boy how are you and how is studies….
Fine dad, how is mum and everyone sir….
We are all fine my son, we thank God….
And how is work also….
Fine oo, you know police work never change until you retire, hold on for your mum…..
Hello my wonderful son…..
Hello mum how are you doing, have missed you ooo….
Am fine my son, I have missed you too, I hope you are coping, hope no problem….
Yes mum, Mum I have to go now, the lecturer just entered the class. Take care of yourself. Love you Mum.
(Gwagalada Abuja)
Na game wey you wan play be the lecturer abi, Chaii your parents no get pikin sha’ Isaac teased.
Idiot your papa wey be pastor na hin see pikin born abi, children of Eli better pass you hundred times’ Ben fired back.
They kept on playing the PS3 video game without saying a word to each other, the game was more like a battle because at the end of the game, anyone who wins will make jest of the loser for the rest of the day so they were both focused on winning until a knock on the door distracted them.
Ohhh God una no get una room, una wan kan start una argument abi ‘Ben kept nagging thinking it was their friends staying in the student villa with them but was caught unawares when he saw who was at the door.
And is that how you will keep staring at us’ Clarieta.
Am sorry I am just surprised, you guys should come inside please ‘Ben ushered them in.
Thank God they managed to arrange their room before they started playing game.
Hi Isaac ‘ Clarieta and Ejiro chorused.
Hi pretty girls’ Isaac replied with his forming accent, what can we offer you girls.
Ogbono soup’ they chorused once again.
Ogbono soooup Isaac asked surprised, who’s gonna cook that one for you guys he continued.
Ben told me he knows how to cook ogbono very well na ‘as soon as Ejiro said this, Isaac fell to the ground and started laughing uncontrollably like that demon in mount zion movies.
Ben you lied to me ‘Ejiro asked. All along Ben just focused on the TV game like he didn’t understand what they were saying but when Ejiro called his name, he had no choice but to say something.
Baby it’s not like I lied to you, it’s just that i i ….hey Isaac will you stop laughing now, wetin dey worry you na.
No vex No vex he can cook ogbono very well oo but our gas cooker is broken so how about we just get you some snacks’ Isaac cuts in and covered up for Ben.
“Okay that one sef dey, Ben and Ejiro should go and buy it, Isaac restart the game let’s play” said Clarieta
You know how to play soccer game ‘Isaac asked.
I bet you will know the answer to that question at the end of the game. Ben and Ejiro left the room without arguing because it’s a good excuse for them to be left alone and have some private discussion.
Ejiro there’s something have been wanting to tell you, ever since the very first day we started talking in class, have always felt this thing in my heart, at first I thought it was just something that will come and go. Over time it kept on growing and growing and now it’s become a burden to my heart, it’s choking me inside, I don’t know how long I can survive with this pain in my heart. Left to me I wouldn’t want to fall in love anymore because my heart has been broken so many times and am scared it won’t survive another heartbreak.
Please Ejiro , he draws her and keeps eye contact with her, his face was so sober and emotional you would know he has watched so many romantic movies.
Ejiro I want you to my queenn, I want you to be my lover and don’t tell me you want to think it over because am not sure my heart will be able to survive till tomorrow if you don’t give me an answer now and a positive one at that.
Ejiro took a deep breath and also tried to assimilate and comprehend all the things Ben just said and when she realised he was still waiting for her to say something she cleared her throat.
Ben you are really living me with few options right now, you don’t want me think it over and you don’t want me to give you a negative answer, whatelse can I say, I will only give you the answer you want on one condition which is that you will promise me not to break my heart.
I promise you baby I will never break your heart and I will always love you.
Okay then it’s a yes, they sealed it with a kiss.
They were both happy that they were about to start the happiest part of their lives not really knowing what destiny and faith holds for them.
They got to where they bought the snack and returned back home.
They didn’t bother knocking the door and they caught Isaac and Clarieta who were in a deep romance unawares, Isaac was kissing Clarieta all over her face and she was moaning so emotionally.
It took them a few minutes to notice the presence of Ben and Ejiro, and they immediately untangled and felt shy.
Ben and Ejiro both pretended like nothing happened.
They all ate in silence and almost immediately after their snacks and drinks, Clarieta told Ejiro that they should start leaving, the boys walked them out and bade them goodbyes.
Ben and Isaac walked home not saying a word to each for the rest of the day, seems like there is love in the air because Ben is in love with Ejiro while Isaac is in love with Clarieta.
If and only they knew what this love brings along, they wouldn’t have ventured into it.

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