Strange saga – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 4]

After much deliberation on the condition his father gave him, Ajadi sneaked inside while everyone were asleep, packed few of his clothes and headed for Omolabake’s hut. It was in the darkest part of the night but being a warrior that he is, he wasn’t scared; he kept walking as fast as he could and when he got to Labakes’s hut, he heaved a sigh of relief and prayed to the gods that Labake wouldn’t send him away.
He knocked about 3 times.
“Who is that?” Labake asked behind the closed door. She seemed terrified, from the sound of her voice, and I thought they said she is a spirit girl.
“ It’s me!” he said trying to conceal his identity. Chances were that she probably might not give him audience if she knows it was him.
She opened the door a little and saw his face.
“ Ajadi what are you doing here at this time of the night?”
“ You know my name?” he asked looking as surprised as he can be.
“That doesn’t answer my question. What are you doing here at this time? Please leave this
place and go home it’s late!”
“ Omolabake I don’t have a home anymore. I have lost it all! I don’t have any friends or family. I chose you over all of them! They all left me because of you, and I left them for you. I chose you over the whole world and I will do it all over again!” Ajadi.
Labake’s eyes are now very wet. She has never felt loved before, not even her parents loved her.
The reason being that when she was born everything turned around for them. They lost their produce, they lost their farm, they lost all their kids which happened to be her elder sisters and brothers . When she was 3 years old her mother died from an unknown sickness, her father hated her so much, he believed she was the cause of their misfortunes.
He abused and insulted her at any given opportunity, he later died when she was 15 years
Old. Since he was a chronic drunk, people concluded he was killed because of too much alcohols.
“You can sleep on that place.” she said pointing to a piece of plank by the corner of the room.
He obeyed and dropped his load on the floor and was about to sleep off when Labake called him.
“Ajadi do you know who I am……?”
“Yes I do! You are Omolabake, the maiden that has stolen my heart away, the maiden I chose
over every other thing, the maiden I want to marry and make babies with, the most beautiful girl in all the villages, the one with the purest heart and sweetest smile, that is who you are Omolabake.” Ajadi flirted with her.
Labake couldn’t stop giggling and blushing.
“Okay then Ajadi good night, may the day break.”
Ajadi was so happy that finally he has found a place to call home, he has found a woman to call
His wife and soon he will start make a family with her. The only thing left is for him to work towards building a bigger hut and getting his inheritance from his father and that settles it.
Little did he know that man proposes……………..

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****Present Day****
“Guy shey na cos of one girl you just dey test run all your clothes like this?” Isaac talking to Ben who
isn’t even paying attention to what he is saying, not sure he even heard what he just said.
He kept on taking different types of clothes and fitting them to see which one suits his mood and outing, after a long time he actually settles for a blue polo top with a pencil pants and a blue all star to match it, now combing his mo hawk for the umpteenth time in less than an hour.
“Yeah na now I get your time, how do I look he?” asked Isaac knowing fully well his response will
be crazy.
“You be like agbero (tout, thug) with this your haircut wahalai!” Isaac replied.
Ben wasn’t disappointed because he was even expecting the comment to be far worse than what he said.
“Wish me luck brother.” he said and stepped out.
“Ejiro so because your boyfriend abi na crush is coming now you are cooking assorted noodles,
and if I beg you to cook it for me tomorrow you will be doing yanga, infact am not leaving this
place today sef.”
“Haba Clarieta stop now, okay I will prepare yours for you tomorrow morning I promise.” Clarieta jumped for joy and hugged Ejiro.
“See as you dey jump cos of ordinary noodles, sha dey go your room abeg.”
“ Okay okay I dey go, no be only you get room abi boyfriend .” Clarieta shouted and was about running away but was shocked when she opened the door and saw Ben standing at the door.
Ejiro who was backing the door didn’t realise Ben was there, so she kept on talking.
“ You sef no go find Isaac make you take am do your own boyfriend, you dey here dey talk
nons……..” she saw Ben and couldn’t finish the sentence, knowing fully well that He heard most
of the things they said. Nevertheless Clarieta rushed out leaving Ejiro to face her problem herself.
“Hello to you too.” Ben said smiling. “Can I sit on the chair?”
“ Yeah make yourself comfortable and am sorry if you heard all those things we said, we
were just joking.”
Ben said nothing, he just kept on smiling.
“Okay if that’s how you want to keep smiling all day continue then….”
Before she could finish the sentence he rushed to her so fast she didn’t even see him coming, he drew her closer and they could feel each other’s breath.
“There’s nothing left to say, you love me and I love you.”
As she was about to say something, he planted a kiss on her mouth, she tried fighting at first but she realized she didn’t have the power to fight the urge of kissing him. The kiss was gradually getting intensified, she held him like her life depends on it, she was about to unbutton his shirt while he was working on her jeans button but suddenly started hearing some funny sounds.
***Baba God emi na fe wa range Dangote o lo rimeji Answer my call*** Ben’s phone ringing, the girl became shy and ran to the bathroom.
“Chaii who kan spoil my show like this na, I hope say na important call sha” Ben murmuring and brought out his phone only to see it was Isaac calling.
“Guy why you carry all the condoms na” Isaac.
“E no go better for your papa” Ben.
“ Haa guy no vex I don see am.’ Isaac laughing seriously hard over the phone.
Ben didn’t know if he should break the phone or rather swear for Isaac. He just hanged up.
Seconds later, she came out of the kitchen with the noodles and placed it on the table.
“Hey Ben I am sorry about what just happened, I don’t know what came over me, please just pretend as if it never happened.”
Ben realizing that his stupid soul of a friend has ruined his chances couldn’t show his anger but concluded in his mind that he will surely pay him back.
“Am sorry too” he muttered.
“It’s okay let’s eat.” Ejiro. They ate in silence, after they both ate to their satisfaction, they talked about random things for a long time. Ben who was still hoping that he would get another chance kept on trying to find a way but when all efforts proved futile, he decided he should leave.
“Thanks so much for the hospitality, i am really grateful ma’am” Ben.
“You are welcome, I really enjoyed your company, at least you saved me from my talkative of a friend, let me walk you outside where you will get a bike.”
They got outside and he got a bike in no time.
“Thanks once again for the meal and hospitality.”
“You are welcome Albert Einstein.”
Even though Ben didn’t achieve much by doing what a man is gat to do, he was still very much happy, it’s like he really loves the girl. Even though the girl almost had Sex on a first visit, she was happy she has found love at last.

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to be continued..

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