Strange saga – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 4]

We practiced at the football field since all the dance classes and ballet classes were filled up with people in preparation for the dance… Mum couldn’t practice with us because she was partially busy with work and i was scared of losing..

2 days to the dance, i met Mmasinachi and tried talking to her
“Hi Sina”
She paused a while and gave her dance mates a moment of rest
“Take five everyone” she boldly said
“Uhmm i just wanted to tell you, i am not after the money or fame awarded to the winners but i assure you, if you win or i win..i will rather prefer us being best of friends, it cool to have you around” i smilied
She thought for a while and said:
“No problems”
I felt happy for the first time, Sina never made fun of me.. She practically wanted us to be buddies too..
“I have to inform Charisma” i said to myself

As we were walking home from school.. I had to tell Charisma about my meeting with Sina
“Uhmm Charis.. I met with Sina today?”
“So?” She said looking at me attentively
“I asked her to be part of our friend’s cycle.. Even if we fail or win” i said nodding my head
“What!!.. Are you trying to bring an enemy into this friendship?”
“Oh no… That’s not what it seems like”
“Then what.. After making fun of you?!.. In fact am out of the group… I quit!” She said looking angry and walked out on me with Bright
I was left alone thinking about what i told her earlier.. I just lost my best friend

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1 day to go
“Mom let’s practice”
“Okay…but where is Charisma and Bright, aren’t they coming?”
“No!” I looked away
“Honey??.. You know you need your friends right? And tomorrow is the day.. You really need to be ready”
“I know mom but Charis doesn’t wanna be my friend anymore, she’s mad at me”
“Try to meet up and talk.. You really need to work together as a team”
Mum’s words lightened me up and i was prepared to apologize to Charisma
“Thanks mom”
“You’re welcome baby” she hugged me so tightly…

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to be continued

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