Strange saga – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 4]

Still confused as the turn out of events had subdued all my defenses, I freely gave out a fake smile that had fear written all over it as I opened my mouth and then said
“I accompanied my brother to this place, he canceled my flight for today” I lied sheepishly
But bought it and then sat on my thighs relaxed as she heaved a sign of relief, caressing my beards as she laughed freely, the guy who walked up to me earlier looked at me with utmost surprise and smiled as he sipped from his glass of wine, I guessed indeed he knew what had transpired as he winked at me, I became very uncomfortable, trying so hard so as not to be reveal that I was uncomfortable and also to hide from Madam Harriet, I decided that it was safer if should leave the venue with her now before her mum gets the slightest idea of what had happened so I drew my head closer to her ears as I whispered in a very calm way
“Let’s leave this people and go somewhere private, I need you so badly” I said
She felt surprised as she turned her head facing me in a swift move and then said
“How can you tell me to leave my mothers birthday, this is the only time I get spend time with her in a year” She replied
I smiled but deep down I was gripped with fear as I began to think of the best excuse that I was to tell her and then leave the venue, I slowly dipped my hand into my pocket and then pressed the play button of the media and a song began to play, I brought it out hurriedly and then put the phone closer to my ear in pretense of making a call
“Yes! Uncle am coming outside now” I said
She seemed like she suspected the call to be fake one and then came down from my bossom as I quickly stood up too
“Let me join you, at last I get to me this uncle of yours” she added
This was not happening so I felt as I began to stutter when I opened my mouth
“Emmm…, can you just wait here for me let me see errrmm… Let me know why he wants to see me first and then as the party goes on I will introduce you to him” I replied
I gave her a quick peck while I stared at the corner where Madam Harriet was sitting with corner of my eyes and then I turned as I quickly left the venue, I didn’t know that Belema had trailed me as I walked out of the venue, I heard my name been called out by the MC of the event from the loudspeaker as I hopped into a waiting cab and vamosed!.
Loud banging at my door and shouts of
“Come and open this door!” Was what woke me up the next morning from the bed, the hangover disappeared immediately as I could grasp a hold of who that could be because the voice wasn’t familiar, Scared for the safety of my life, I quickly grabbed a knife from the kitchen and then walked to the door, my hands were visibly shaking as I grabbed the knob of the door and then “Boom!” The door was marched open leaving the door to hit me so hard on my forehead that I felt on the ground with the knife falling freely, I raised my head up to see who that was but the blood gushing out from my forehead clouded my vision, as I wiped off the blood here stood these two huge with hefty muscles and biceps, the pounced on me and punched as if they were pounding yam, each blow was like a long thick iron bar been used to hit me, as I struggled to get off their grip and also retaliate with my own punch that alone angered them more as they plummeted me to a state of unconsciousness and then dragged my body into their vehicle.
A hot slap was what brought me back to reality and it was then I took notice of where I was, in a small empty room nothing inside it except the chair I was been tied to and then I looked up to see Madam Harriet standing before me
“Foolish boy! That’s one reason I can’t concede to this whole marriage concept of you crazy nigerians, I gave you a life and now you feel the best way to pay me back is to f–k my only daughter too” she yelled at me
I felt like dying as I quickly began to apologize to her
“Madam am very sorry, please ma I never knew that she was your daughter” I begged
She spat on my face and then said
“You bloody liar!, okay here is the deal I have for you, I have used your phone to text her that it is over between the both of you and she has been calling you since, you will call her now to tell her that it is over”
I gulped the saliva in my mouth as I reasoned what she had just said, I love Belema so much that giving up on her just like that was something I couldn’t do, one of her thugs untied my hand as my phone was handed over to me to make the precarious call, just as I dialed her number Madam Harriet’s phone rang and she gave me a hand sign to wait first and then she answered her call
“Yes doctor! Jesus christ! How can that be possible? Am coming doctor” she said
She quickly turned to the thugs who were standing behind her and said
“Tie this idiot back, because of him my daughter tried killing herself earlier today”
And then she turned to me, pointing a finger at me and then said
“You will suffer in my hand if anything happens to my daughter”
I sat there gripped with fear as I really did not know the real of Belema’s health, I was helplessly as she walked out of the room and disappeared.
Three days gone with only bread and soft drink as the only meal I was served, I wished I could rewind back the hand of time and change all this, I heard the sound of a car engine that came to a halt as voices of the thugs were heard greeting someone
“Good afternoon madam”
The door flung wide open and here she was standing before me again, the terror I once loved and cherish, she walked closer to where I was tied to and then squat so that we could be on the same head level as she smiled with a devious intent hidden under the smile
“Look at your hands and legs all covered in sores due to your own stupidity, your lucky nothing happened to my daughter..”
As she was speaking the door opened with one of the thugs carrying a big bag into the room and he slowly placed it beside her as she had paused and then she continued
“Inside this bag is five million naira, I want you to take this money from me and run very far from here, go back to where you came from” she said
Instantly I decided it was safe for me to take this money, book the next available flight and run back to portharcourt without ever coming back to lagos, over time Belema would get over the love and then move on with her life, I didn’t want to be embroiled into such controversy so I shook my head in affirmative to her offer and she slapped me so hard that I fell to the ground with the chair as the thugs quickly rushed and then lifted I and the chair up
“I knew it! I told her to forget about you that you were all about her money but she refused, you gold digger!” She yelled
My head buried in shame and how I wished I could pour out my heart to her and then beg her to leave I and Belema to bask in our love, she signaled at the thugs to untie me, I thanked her as I tried to walk but my feets were shaky,
“When you get a hold of yourself, take that bag and leave, I never want to see you again” Madam Harriet said
I did exactly as she had said, I grabbed the bag and then took a cab direct to my house to get all my personal belongings and then zoom out of lagos forever, as I alighted from the cab and then pushed my gate open, I saw Belema sitting on the pavement of my house I wondered who had given her the direction to my house, it must have been one of those Madam Harriets thugs, with sadness written all over her face, she had stitches on her wrist that was covered, it was then I realized that she did try killing herself by slashing her wrist, she stood up the moment our eyes met and then began to cry, I became so weak and speechless as what to do, I tried to be strong as I kept an impassive face and walked towards the door and opened it, she followed me closely behind without saying a word, when I got to my room and then began to pack my clothes she sat on my table sized fridge and then began to talk
” I use to doubt that I would ever fall in love because I felt it was for weaklings, in my quest for self satisfaction I took to drugs which I copied from my mum without her knowing, and then you came into my life, you gave me a reason to live again, all other guys that came into my life where just there to party and rip me off but you your different, you made me stop taking drugs and thought me a whole lot of things, now that I am finally happy that I have found my one true love, you are here telling you don’t love me anymore” she said
I tried so hard to fight back the tears as my heart was seriously bleeding, I continued packing my clothes and she sat there drenched in her own tears, then she added
“Am pregnant! Am having your baby”
Those words broke down defense wall as I stopped and turned to her
“Belema I love you but the circumstance surrounding us can’t let us be together” I said
“What circumstance? Tell me you never loved me than saying circumstances” she quickly replied
“Belema I was your mothers toyboy long before I met you and fell in love with you, now she churning out fire and brimstone and also threatened to kill me, am doing what I am right now for the safety of the both of us” I said
Her mouth was left wide open as she stared at me with confusion
“Oh my God! How can that be possible? Tell me do you still love me?” She asked
I shook my head in affirmative and she smiled
“Am going with you Ken, wherever your going is where I want to be” she said
I walked to where she was and then gave her a peck on her forehead as I grabbed both bags, one containing the five million naira and the other my bag as we walked out of the house and locked the door, turning to leave that was when the gate was pushed open and Madam Harriet stood before us in all fury as she clapped her hands
“Good! Good! So Belema I now tell you something and you do the exact opposite right?”
This was a very gory sight I hated as I tried to calm both flailing nerves.

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