Strange saga – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 4]

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I woke up to find myself on an Hospital bed. I was so weak ad had pains all over. The doctor cane to check me
When he was done I asked him about folake and he gave me a reassurance that she was okay
He soon left.. I couldn’t but bt curse myself. This is indeed an awful experience. Tara wanted me dead all because of I couldn’t trust her..
I feel asleep again, this time I felt better physically but I was still emotionally imbalanced. I wasn’t sad because of my state but cos of Folake that z suffering from my stupidity..
Day passed by… I was discharged from the hospital.. Meanwhile nobody came visiting all through my stay.. I later got to know that my bills were paid by Folake’s dad.. I was taken home where I
h to know that Uncle Jimi had vacated his apartment.. I was dumbfounded. Where is he? Where does he want me to start from? From the scratch? I called his line severally bit it was all to no avail.. After much thoughts I resorted to Mrs Funke’s place even if I shouldn’t do so but what could I do now.. She begged me a great deal but I wasn’t in no mind to be angry at anyone.. I had to gather my life and start over. I stopped working at at the school so as to avoid Jummy.. I knew she would’ve heard of the news.. I know how Tara would have painted me
Monday came, the {worsest} day of my life
I was in the house when Jummy barge d in with a couple of friends.. I was shocked to see her meanwhile Mrs Funke was not at home
She have me terrible look and started
“Yes, Mr Ola or whatever your name is… So this is the true color you professionally hid inside you.. You are a chameleon, a cheat.. You played me and my sister right? I tell you, you’ll regret it…
I never knew that this was the reason Tara wanted you dead, I’ld have helped her.. I’m so filled with regret for loving you, for Falling for you”
She started crying, she went so bitterly.. I stood up to pet her, she looked at me in annoyance and grabbed me, she tore my shirt still shouting.. You stupid fool, Male Dog!!!!!
I just stared at her in shock… Ola… See your picture
Just then, as if they had planned it all. Betty came in, unlike Jummy, she rushed to me and landed me Two thunderous slaps, I staggered
“You bastard, you destroyed my relationship and you think you’ll escape” She yelled
“Betty, you did seduced me”
“Seduce my foot”
She continued shouting… I knew what herb problem was, Uncle Jimi had probably got to know about my affair with his girlfriend
Is that my concern, certainly not.. Betty really made my day rough.. I hated myself.
In the evening, Mrs Funke came home unusually.. She wasn’t smiling in any way
She came directly to my room
“Ola, is this how worse you are… You were the talk of the school today.. People said you are a rapist, kidnapper, theif.. Are all this true, I heard that you are even wanted by the police, are all this true? please I need you to vacate my house, I can’t abhor you anymore
I tried begging her but it just made matter worse…
Two days later, I left her place… I was so filed regret as I walked to the bus top.
2 weeks later
I took a work as a laundry man for a day care with a pay that is as less as nothing. I work so hard and eat from hand to mouth.. I was really suffering bigtime
One day while working, I was sent on an errand when I met in contact with Folake.. I couldn’t stand her, I expected insults from her but was denied.. She took pity in me and took me in..
I was si ashamed to be by her side, she accepted me back as her lover to which I objected.. I didn’t deserve it again
Days rolled into weeks, weeks into months
I was employed by her father to be a manager in one of his companies.. Destiny had really smiled on me.. My life began to re shapen, I had an official car and a small land of my own.. I really owe my success to Folake who despite all the ups and downs she loved me even when I didn’t deserve it.. You only know a true love in time of trouble
I later heard of Tara committed suicide, the news weakened me, I knew it was my cause, I just pray God forgives me. Jummy got engaged to Frank, Uncle Jimi got married to Betty after a year
5 Years later
I got married to Folake, we had our honeymoon in Mexico.. We later packed to our house in Victoria Island..
Bad memories unlike good ones tend to last longer.. I eventually became an happy man but my past experiences kept hunting me.. It was indeed a Love Journey
From Tara to Folake to Betty to Jummy to Sade to Folake
I can’t wait for Folake to get pregnant, my children have a lot to learn from their naughty dad
The End
Written by
Adebiyi Isaac Olaoluwa

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