Strange saga – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 4]

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“Mr Ola”
I stood aghast, how could she think that in this cheap.. Imagine me, as me Ola, I should be… Oh my God.. My life is so complicated
I stopped right before the door, my hands on the door knob
“Mr Ola, I wouldn’t want to spoil your day, if you accept my request, I will make you rich… I have a house in Lasgidi… You would have enough for yourself ” she aaid
” Please ma , keep you r promises to yourself… I can’t do it”
She looked at me sternly… “Do you think u don’t know the kind of person you are, would you like to see something”
If you think i should see it
She took her phone out and started scrolling
“Come and see it”
I collected the phone, it was a video I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw myself and Tara having sex… She perfectly tried to remove herself from the video but I could vividly recognize her body
“How did you get this?” I looked at her with utmost curiosity bit she was just smiling
“Do you know Tara”
“Yes.. What about her”
“Ha, is she d one dat sent you this”
“Yes, and i have a go ahead to leak it”
“Please ma, don’t spoil my reputation
“I guess you now know what to do if you don’t want your reputation ruined”
“Oh ma you mean….. ” I sighed
She stood and came closer to me
“I will take care of you baby…. Just do my wish”
I looked at her with utmost confusion… I wondered how the video got to her hand and what her relationship with Tara is. I know this is her plan, God save me…
I didn’t know when she left the office.
After the days work, I went straight to Jummy’s house for lessons. Meanwhile Sade had told her uncle that that she wanted to do lessons with me too. I knew what she was up to but could in no wise stop her
I sat on a chair and started reviewing what i had planned to tech them
Just then Jummy came over, she stood before me widout saying a word.. I raised my head and faced her
Me:Hello, good evening
Jummy: I know it’s because you saw him
Me: That what?
Jummy: That you kept avoiding me at school today
She was right, I was jealous
Me: Saw who?
Jummy: Do you think I’m blind, I saw you
Me: Yes and what if I did. You wanted to keep more about it before, you’ve successfully hid him from me all this years
Jummy: Why do you talk like this, did I not tell you about my former bf Frank
Me: So what does he wants again
Jummy: I hate the way you’re reasoning.. Did I tell you he came for me
Me: Continue hating every d–n thing about me… You re beginning to love me less…. and what is this on your finger
I raised her hand and saw a ring..
“Oh my goodness, so you’re engaged now, I just wasted all my time wid u
Jummy: Ola, don’t say such a thing… I live you and I’ll never allow anybody to tale you away
Me:Thanks dear but….
She covered my mouth with hers… We kissed hungrily
We disengaged immediately. Sade came in she smiled and said
“Can we have lectures now or you guys came here for something else”
Jummy gave her a bad eye nd walked out..
Chai, see as I dey cause commotion for another person family
Sade came towards me
“Don’t mind that girl…. She still loves Frank, he called last night.. Don’t worry I recorded the tape… Would you like to here”
“Hmmn, where is it”
Right here
She pulled out a small recorder and plated it
I heard the two of them muffling
“Jummy, why are you talking like this.. We’ve been together 4 almost three years and have endured so many mountain bruises. Do you think it would be nice if we part this way and remember you have a child.. Do you want him to be a bastard
“Frank, you know i love you but you left me for so long and left my heart unoccupied.. Somebody has filled it, I can’t leave him for NO reason.. ”
” If that’s the case, I’m taking David back to your parent”
“Ha, are you not his father, why must you act rashly”
“Ehn, are you not his mother, who can’t you take painful but advantageous decision”
“Okay, I’ll think about it”
“Gimme a feedback in two days time”
I looked at Sade’ face, she was happy, well it was her plan..
The lesson ended around 6:30 and I left for home
Phone rings, I looked at the screen, it was Mrs Funke
Mrs Funke: Hello sweetie, how are you doing
Me: I’m doing good ma
Mrs Funke: Okay dear, I’ll be sending my driver to come and pick you up by 9pm this evening, Please be ready… I can’t wait to taste you.
Me: But MA… Ma’am… Sorry MA… Hello hello… Hello
I looked at the screen she had hunged up
To be continued
To my readers
Do you think I should follow her wish and save myself or i shouldn’t and let my nudes go viral???

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