Strange saga – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 4]

Episode 19
On getting to Uncle Jide’s place. Sade was sitting on the balcony,immediately she saw me she stood up and started smiling. I felt somehow, what’s amusing this girl again
I got closer to her
“Did you meet him’ She asked the question as if we planned it before
“As in, who are you referring to? ”
” My sister’s former boyfriend”
“Yea, I did… What’s your relation with his reappearance
“I sent him there”
“Sade, you mean this was ur Handiwork” I gave her a bad look
“Yes, so that me and you would be together, or don’t you like it”
“Are you insane…… Oh, Sade I’m sorry”
I covered my mouth wid my hands..
She looked at me sadly
“You called me a mad person… Insane?? Me??
She turned and entered the house
Chai, which kine wahala be this one now… I shook my head and followed her inside to console her
Opening the door of her room
“Sade, are u here? I’m sorry for saying that, I never meant it… Please forgive me dear”
She came out, I noticed tears on her face
I only wanted you to be mine, please baby don’t tell her I did this
“I won’t”
She came and hugged me… Burying her face into my chest
“Honey, I love you so much. I want to be wid u always“ She continued rubbing her face against my chest
“I know Sade, but do you think she would accept him back”
“I promise you,she will. I trust my sister”
I looked at her, eyeball to eyeball.. I could really read love in her eyes… Slowly I planted a kiss on her mouth. She took me in and we started lip locking which took almost 7 minutes..
Later, I told her I would be leaving, she couldn’t object…
I packed my bags and left the compound accompanied by her…
I got home about 30 minutes later.. Uncle Jimi was at the dining. We exchanged pleasantries, I took few slices of bread from the table and retired to my room
Jumoke side of the story
I saw Ola turn and left us.. I quickly disengaged from Frank
He looked at me surprisingly and asked
What is the problem
I just kept mute
“Did you just remember something, talk to me dear, you are making me nervous”
He was right, I just remembered that I left Ola at the restaurant
“My boyfriend”
He started at me keenly as if he could enter my face.. He pointed a finger at me
“You have a bf already”
“Yes, I never expected you back ”
” And now that I’m back? ”
” I dunno what to say”
“You don’t know”
“I don’t”
“Jummy, you know very much how we’ve been together… You know how much I had loved you and I still do.. I’m really regretting my actions that day… I wished those words didn’t come out of my mouth… I’m really sorry baby. Please accept me back” He said almost crying
That would be very hard to do.. I love Ola and I don’t think I can break up wid him any moment now”
“What if he knows about your child” He asked
“He knows in fact, he would be taking responsibility ”
” Olajumoke”
I was so stunned by hearing him say my full name.. I couldn’t look at his face this time.. I just wanted to be far from loving him again
I didn’t want to fall for him again, but my heart was succumbing
He got on his kneels nd begged me… My hardened heart was set loose on the instant.. I couldn’t help but love him again
He dipped his hand into his breast pocket and brought out a ring case… He took a ring out and slipped it into my finger
He got on his feet and said
“This is a token of love… I love you”
I just smiled.
He kissed me, I didn’t even bother to resist him, I just allowed him inside me
After about 15 minutes of hot romance, we disengaged… He collected my number. He asked if he could take me home but I refused.. I got into the restaurant to see if Ola was around, I guess he had left… I wonder how he would feel after seeing us…
Hush, God help me
My side of the story
3 days later
Phone rings
It was Mrs Funke the principal
I placed her on the receiver
Me: Hello, good morning ma
Principal: How are you dear. I hope you’ll be coming to school today
Me: Yes ma’am
Principal: See me before the assembly
Me: Hope no problem ma
Principal: No… Okay bye for now
I was perplexed as to how she’s been behaving nowadays
Call call call… I’m I your man
I hissed and had my bath quickly.. I got dressed and left the house..
I got to school exactly 7:22am
I went straight to the principal’s office. I knocked gently and opened the door.
Me:Good morning ma
Principal: Yes, how are you doing Mr Ola
Me: I’m fine MA, I’m sorry for not coming to work throughout last week
Principal: Forget about that, your health is important
Me: Thank you ma.. You said I should see u this morning
Principal: Yes, I didn’t forget… I’ve not gotten know you more… Can we be close to each other
Me: Aren’t we close enough.. I’m your staff working under you
Principal: Something other than that
Me: What is it
Principal: You see, since I’ve been to this school, I haven’t met another stunning handsome like you… You are so adorable.. Should I tell you this, I never considered your qualifications before I appointed you here, your gracious look paved your path here
She stood up and moved towards me, I immediately stood up…
She smiled
“So you know what I mean now”
“Sugar Mommy”
Who said that?? Satisfy me and I’ll satisfy you…
“I can’t do that… I cant
No, Not me, I’m not in for this
I can’t do it
I stood and turned to leave
To be continued

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