Strange saga – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 4]

Me: Well, I can’t count that
Jummy: You can’t count how many girls you’ve kissed?
She smiled.. Suddenly her look changed, she looked at me as if I was transparent…
Me: Jummy, what is it?
She didn’t respond instead she placed her head on the table. I was so amazed… What had suddenly came over her. She stood up and left through the right door outside … I stood up to follow her but she told me to wait till she comes back
I waited for several minutes, she wasn’t forthcoming, I tried her phone, she didn’t take it wid her… After much thoughts I stood up and follow where she went to
Jumoke side of the story!!
We continued talking and eating… I was asking him naughty questions, kind of wanted to know what kind of guy he was.. Suddenly I noticed someone that looked just like Frank my former boyfriend.. I was so surprised to see him around her, I expected him to be living an extremely luxurious life abroad… His face still stood radiant, sweet and handsome just like the day he pushed me out of his house.
Seeing him again are opening the past sores again, my heart was ringing love… I just couldn’t understand what was happening. I could see Ola mouth moving buy could not here a single voice..
‘I’ll be back soon’ I told him and left him seating without waiting for a response.
I got outside and sat on a bench, I rested my head on my hands.. My brain was in chaos.. Frank? Here? Oh God, don’t let me remember those things again
I heard footsteps gilet close..
“Please Ola, go back, don’t come…… ”
I raised my head and saw this handsome devil with a sexy smile
” Good evening” He said
I didn’t respond. Instead I turned my face to the other side
He sat beside me, making me shift a little
“How are you”
I kept mute
“Jummy, I’ve spent so much in search of you… Talk to me just this once”
Me: Frank, say what you’ve got to say and leave here
Frank: I came to make peace with you.. I also would tale full responsibility of David, I would love him as a father, I promise to take care of him to be a big man like me.. He is with my parent for the weekend… Please Jummy, forgive my wrong deeds
I was dumbfounded by those words.. I could not help but rethink how we loved each other, the night I sold out my virginity to him… How he squandered money in my lavishly… Why did he stop.. Why did the devil make us part so easily… How could I forget the man that took away my virginity… Tell me, how??
I stood up and looked away from his face
“Thank you.. He is your son afterall”.
I moved out of his sight…
“Jumoke wait”
I stood still, what again, what has he got to say again
I turned and saw him crying.. I was somewhat moved
Frank: Jummy, I’m so sorry for everything.. I know how much pain I gave caused you.. I’m very ready to pay for it even if it would cost me my life… I will love you like no other. Cherish you from the bottom of my heart.. Please give me a chance to love
I moved closer to him
Me: Frank, you don’t even know how much reproach you brought upon me.. I’m supposed to be in my 2nd year in university but I’m here struggling in SS3, SS3?…because I loved you… Is love a crime.. Tell me.. I started sobbing.
You remembered how you pushed me out of your house
Flash back
I ran out of my father’s house in my tattered gown, the doctor had just confirmed me pregnant..
My parent could condone the shame but had to send me out. What could I do, poor girl like me, I had gone to Frank’s place about a week before
After serious knocking on his door, he had opened the door and came out.. He gave me a stupid smile.. I had told him before that I felt I was pregnant but he waved off d thought. I guess he could see it now
Frank: Yes, pregnant angel, wow you look so nice. By the way what are you looking for here
Me: I came here to see the father of my child…
Frank: Yes and do you get the wrong address?
Me: What are you insinuating, Frank don’t play games with me, do you want to deny me now.. You are the father of this cold and that’s it
Frank: Hey hold it there, wait from where to where.. You are saying I am the date her of that bastard in your womb… He laughs… You must be a comedian
Me: Ah, Frank.. Your child, you called him a bastard… I pushed him nd knelt in front of him.. He slapted my face with intense force.. I fell and landed on my belly… He dragged me out of his house and banged the door on me.. I went bitterly that day. I wept like I missed heaven
********** *********
Telling the tales is very painful.. I didn’t notice tears in his face. I felt myself crying also
“I love you” He muttered
He came close and hugged me… In my mind, I still love him, seeing him again made me alive.. “I love you Frank I love you”.. .. I found my mouth moving
He hugged so tight… It was like I never hugged.. I stroked his back slowly.. Opening my eyes, I saw someone that resembles Ola… Huh, I left him in the restaurant
My side of the story continues
After waiting for almost 45 minutes, I decide to go check what was happening outside. I followed the door and go outside only so see the shock of my life
Jummy was hugging a guy. . I looked at her and saw her crying.. Who could he be? How could he make my Jummy cry? God what is this?
I brew up in jealousy and stormed out.. I got into the restaurant, my eyes wavering I continued bumping into chairs till I recovered my senses
To be continued
To my readers
Do you think Jummy should leave Ola and go back to Frank and Why??

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