Strange saga – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 4]

“Remember what?! That we are fat or probably trying to disgrace ourselves?” Charisma fired
“Oh no.. I just thought about it”
“Don’t think about it, we are losers, fat fools, even if we are big, we ain’t bold enough to stand Sina!!”
“Charisma trust in yourself, a great woman once said; Your body is beautiful, enjoy it… So enjoy yours, learn to appreciate who you are”
She thought about it and said
“Your words are truly touching… You are right!..i love my body and am perfect even without hiding” Charisma lightened up immediately
“That’s my girl!”

Just then she said “But we ain’t complete yet, we need just one person” Charisma said
“Don’t worry, let’s just practice”

2 weeks to the competition, Charisma, Bright and myself practiced hard, hanged out and stood out for each other not minding the insults.. We practiced at times at my house..Mum was really getting along with my friends and behaved like a mum whenever they visited..mum reduced smoking a little all because someone new came into her life..

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“This flipping steps are too hard” Charisma interrupted
“But we need to try” Bright said
“But we still need a fourth member to do the back dance!”
“I’ll do it!” An unexpected voice said and guess what it was my mum!!
“Oh no, not again, mom??”
“Yayyyy” Bright and Charisma chorused in joy
“Yes yes.. I will do the back dance.. Some kids needs to be whopped on that ass!”
“Your mum is so fun!” Charisma chuckled
I was looking stupid.. We later taught her the steps and hoped i won’t get disqualified for bringing my mum!!

1 week to the dance competition .. I fell really ill.. My mum took me to the hospital.. And the doctor confirmed i had Cancer but a benign one.. Surgery was needed to be done if not i might lose my life, i was scared when mum came into the room crying.. Serials of questions and mum confessed to me, i had to tell my school about my absence and my team mate..I was so shocked to hear from Bright that..

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