My Love Journey – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 22]

My Love Journey

My Love Journey

Everything could be traced back to Wednesday 6th of may 2015 when I met Folake on fb. We had started chatting as normal one friends. Actually I took her as normal Slay Queen that exchanges her treasure for money, until I developed this keen interest in her.
We ventured into relationship talks when I asked her if she had a boyfriend. She explained to me how she once loved her present bf and also said he was trying to have sex with her. I was somewhat dumbfounded. Trying to?? Abi he should.
She further said he was requesting for her nude pics wish she had strongly gone against. I couldn’t help but laugh.
We started chatting almost everyday which ushered us into another realm of friendship.
A week later, I was scrolling through my time line and when I saw her post ” Relationship is Complicated, I wish I never loved” I asked her why she thought like that, she was like her boyfriend has broken up with her.
” He insulted me this morning because I walked out on him” I tried to console. All men are not the same. I asked her if she had eaten, she said she didn’t have an appetite and her eyes were welled up wid tears.
Me: Big girl like u, just leave him alone. Don’t cry dear. So gbo.
We got really close to each other and most of the time we were chatting online. I rarely call her. On one occasion she asked me if I had a gf, I told her no. She was like that’s what you guys use to say. I explained to her that my last relationship wid a girl was about 7 months ago. A blatant lie sha. I further asked her why she was asking me, she didn’t reply instead she logged out. I waited 4 about 40 mins b4 she logged in back
Me: Why did u log out?
Folake: Nothing, my battery was out.
I smiled and told her 2 answer d question. She said nothing joor.
We kept keeping in touch with each other. Two weeks later, I was at home around 2:30 pm. I logged in to fb, she was online. We greeted and started chatting proper. I asked her a big question that could take her loads of time to provide an answer. I asked her if she would be ready for any relationship any moment from now. She gave me a quick reply, well it depends on the person, My heart is shattered now, I don’t think I can think straight. I smiled and said what if it’s me??
She didn’t reply she just kept mute. About 20 mins later I was a scrolling through my timeline when I saw her post.
“Omg, this Ola will not kill me”
I smiled and whispered to myself. Folake has killed me already. I think I’m in love with this girl.
To be continued.

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