Linda & Ibrahim Suleiman’s Sweet Notes for their Wedding Anniversary will Make You 😊

Linda Ejiofor and Ibrahim Suleiman are celebrating their 2nd wedding anniversary in the sweetest way possible.

The lovebirds who recently welcomed a baby, took to their Instagram to gush about each other, with a sweet video alongside that’s giving us the butterfly effect.

After two years of love and bliss, Linda Ejiofor is still super excited about their journey to forever. She says,

It’s been 2 years, and the idea of spending my life with you still excites me like a little girl on Christmas morning.

You’re my Home @ibrahimsuleimanofficial 🥰❤
And now we have our Sonshine, our Baby Quest, our YumYum. 🥰❤❤❤😘
God knows I love you. and for loving me the way you do, I pray that He comes through for you every time. God bless you, baby.

Ibrahim Suleiman is also super excited and grateful for the gift of their bundle of joy. In his sweet message to her, he wrote,

I blinked, and it’s been two years already. crazy part is, I’m still super excited to wake up next to you, and to run home to you every evening.
thank you for being my Sunshine, and thank you for giving me my Sonshine!
I love you, Sweetcheeks. but most importantly, I really REALLY like you.
May His light never leave your heart. God bless you for me.

Watch the adorable video below:

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