Choice & Consequence – Season 1 Episode

Choice & Consequence

Choice & Consequence

”Tell me what you want” she whispered holding his neck close to her face. She smelt of talcum powder and something else but as much as I tried, I could not get wriggle my neck from her grasp. Perhaps I wanted it this way; I was tired of fighting her or playing the dumb game.

”Come and see what I have in store for you. I went to the market and even chopped the leaves myself. I did everything from the scratch.”

”You know this is not about food” I groaned; I could feel everything within me getting weaker by the minute.

”It is about food” she purred winking at me. ”You can eat your meal at the table or on my bed; take your pick. I want you and there is nothing you can do about it.”

She gave me a kiss and I fell hook, line and sinker. I kissed her deeply and followed her like a young child clinging on to the hands of her mother. We got to her bedroom door and I paused to kiss her again. There was something about her lips, it reminded me of fine wine and I was getting drunk by the minute. She laughed loud and tilted her head backwards ”Phewww! I will not let you kill me” she teased. She pulled my arms and closed her door with a bang. I was gone!


I sat on the bed huffing and puffing trying to catch my breath. I had just had my bath yet it felt I was just coming out of the treacherous Lagos heat. She beat me mercilessly and with the terrible news I just received, it was a recipe for disaster. I wanted to run to the bath and bury myself in my tub but then I hissed in frustration. There was no bath! I hated this house and everything that came along with it. It was ok while I was a bachelor but suddenly my needs had changed and with Abike living with me, my prized bachelor pad had become a matchbox! Soon she would be home and I could already imagine the look of optimism on her face. However with my hopes dashed what was I to present? It was annoying to say the least. Sometimes I think I rushed into this thing called marriage too early but then again I don’t think so. I was ready and knew what I wanted; I had dated Abike for so long and could not imagine life without her. We were barely a year into our marriage and the storm of life had rocked my boat but besides that it was all fine until I lost my job. I placed a hand around my neck and it felt clammy; the bathroom was calling me again and I dived in with my birthday suit. I’d had enough of the soap and sponge and so I let the water do the talking this time around. It poured from the shower and made a puddle at my feet. I stared at the mirror opposite wondering when this madness was going to end.

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”Who dey house?” Abike teased. I heard her wiping her feet against the mat outside the bedroom.

”Come in if you are young and beautiful” I said rising from the bed.

She had a smile plastered on her beautiful face. She was holding a black nylon and the smell of roasted corn wafted across the room. She kicked her slippers outside the door (very typical of her and untypical of me) and planted a kiss on my lips. ”See what I got” she said stretching out her hands. ”Thank you dear” I said with a wry smile.

”I know don’t tell me she whispered”

”Yeah yeah!” I said nodding my head while I reached out for a corn and began attacking it earnestly.
She got up with a sigh and said something about dinner only to return immediately ”but you said it was great, I don’t understand. How could it have gone so well and ended in disappointment? I don’t know what we are doing wrong oh. I am just weak honestly and to think this is the second time this is happening.”

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Now this is what I hate about women. A while ago, she told me ”don’t tell me” and now she was leading the crusade for ”please tell me more” but I was not willing to oblige. I had a long and tiring day and if I had to be honest, I didn’t give a toss about what she was preparing anyway. I can almost swear it is the burnt out ogbolo soup she is re warming anyway – no thank you and I will not be a partaker. I lost my appetite long ago and I was doing this corn a favour by eating it!

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