Big Bold And Beautiful – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 12]

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I stood in the sitting room with my phone in my hand, just trying to recall the incidents, how related they are. Is everything all a plan, is the devil playing games with me.
Betty knows Jummy as a friend maybe bestie sef. I just pray her mouth won’t loose control if she sees us together.
I walked through the passage to Jummy’s room..
Sssshhhh, I heard a small voice behind me
I turned to see Sade smiling at me… Walked up to her
“I’m so disappointed in you, how could you do that” I spatted in warm annoyance
” I’m sorry Ola, I did it out of love… But I never intended forwarding them to you”
“Here she comes again, you addressed it to me yet you claim you never wanted to send it to me, who are u kidding? ”
” I’m sorry”
“And don’t let me ever hear from your mouth that you love me… I pushed her away”
She fell down, my brain retracted.. Chai, I don kill person
I tapped her, she didn’t move… Chai…
I quickly carried her to the bath.. I laid her on the floor.
“Sade, please wake up, are u hearing me.. Please wake up. I love you. I will stay by ur side forever. . Please wake up.. Please baby..
I knelt and touched her face.. Sade, please wake up… I love you
She coughed and woke up
She looked at me
Sade: So your plans was to flush me here
Me: No, why should I… Well I guess you are okay now
Sade: I heard what you said
Me: As in
Sade: You love me and you’ll be by my side forever.
Me: Ehn..
Sade: I heard you well
Me: Hmmn… Yes but it was a slip of tongue
Sade: Slip my foot..
She rose with my helping hands and stared into my eyes. I could see that she truly loved me but how could I betray my Jummy again
Slowly and sedatively, our mouth met each other… We kissed… She deepened d kiss so much.. I couldn’t help but took hold of her buttocks
I smooched her crazily till I felt she was satisfied..
Ola! Ola!!
We disengaged immediately, I checked myself through the mirror and signaled to Sade to stay in.
Slowly I opened d door and went out.
In the evening
Jummy and I went out for a stroll… She was on a very tight Jean which I had earlier told her was too tight but she said it’s okay.. We got walking Street in Street out like newly weds with our hands entwined…
After about 30 minutes of walking and gifting, I took her to a mini restaurant nearby. We took our position t the rear end where people were most likely not to see us.
Me: Jummy, how do u feel today
Jummy: So so happy. It nice having an handsome guy beside me
Me: Did I tell you how much I love you
Jummy: Hum
The waiter came by. We ordered snacks and drinks.
Jummy: Ola, won’t you tell me about your ex girlfriend.
Me: As in
Jummy: Yes, your ex gf. Tell me about her
Me: Hmmn, well actually. Her name is Folake. I met her whole I was in Lagos, we started dating.. It lasted for almost 4 months.
Jummy: What caused the break up?
Me: Hmmn, distrust..
Jummy: How??
Me: Jummy, I can’t explain that now
Jummy: Okay, how many girls have u dates before me
Me: Two
Jummy: Tara and Folake?
Me: Yes
Jummy: How many girls have u slept with
Me: Ehn
Jummy: Embryo… Answer me joor
Me: Jummy, why don’t u eat… Your drink is getting warm
Jummy: Don’t worry, I like it warm
I kept mute for some seconds
Chai, my village people have finally caught up wid me.. What will u tell that girl now
Jummy: Talk to me now, or are u still counting it
Me: Well I had sex with just two girls
Jummy: Name them
Me: Erm, Tara and…..
Jummy: Okay… Let me ask you d last question.. How many girls have u kissed
Me: Jumoke!!
Jummy: I asked a question…
Chai, me dat still kissed someone b4 I came here
To be continued
To my readers:
Please guys what should I do to this girls.. Isn’t she too inquisitive???

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