Big Bold And Beautiful – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 12]

I was so surprised at Sade’s action, how could she send a letter to me, girls at times sha can be very funny… As if we’ve known each other before.. Nawa o, I hissed silently
Jummy just stood in from of me mouth gaped, I guess she felt sorry for wrongly accusing me for what I didn’t do whereas I did it. How on earth will Jummy respond she finds out the truth
Jummy: Ola, I’m so sorry for rushing at you
Me: It’s nothing… I’m not angry
She stared at me…. I noticed tears on her face
Me: Jummy, are I crying?
Jummy:(admist tears) I love you
I walked up to her and hugged me… Oh poor girl, she doesn’t know she’s toying with a devil.
Saturday came, u was still in their house, Jummy was getting really better and Uncle Jide was off duty..
Early this morning, Uncle Jide called me to his room. I was scared at first, I wondered why he wanted my audience, what on earth would he want to discuss with me, maybe Sade had told him about me and Jummy… Chai
I knocked slowly on the door and entered
Uncle Jide: Have a seat
Me: Good morning sir
Uncle Jide: Good morning
I sat on a chair and stared around, I saw several war pictures on the wall, two double barrels gun, some bullet in a transparent box and police uniform
Chai I’m dead, seems this man has an high rank in the military
Uncle Jide: I want to ask you a simple question and I want you to answer me sporadically
Me: Okay sir
Uncle Jide: What’s your relationship with Jumoke
Me: Erm…… Sir…. Er…. I’m just here teacher, nothing else
Uncle Jide: Do you take me for a fool…. Of course I’m a man, I can read her eyes well, I see how it lits everytime she sees you
Me: Oh…… well sir, I’m just a close friend to her
Uncle Jide: Close friend or Boyfriend?!
Me: Not to that extent… Just a close friend
Uncle Jide: Anything you call it, I want you to know something and let this stick well to your brain….. Don’t ever think you can play with my sister and go Scot free…… Remember she almost lost her life because of you, if you know you would take her for granted kindly break whatsoever relationship you two are growing now.. . I know she has told you her story, how she got to where she is…. If you mess up with her, I would gladly accept being charged for murder….
I woke up from my bed…. What a disaster!!
Bad dream, I rubbed my face several times to be sure that I just dreamt…. I grabbed my phone and call Uncle Jim to tell him that I was on my way… I quickly packed my things and thought of a smooth way to bypass Jummy… I know she won’t allow me go, but I just can’t wait for her uncle to come back…
I took my bags and rushed to the passage, I looked around and saw no one, I tiptoed to the parlor, slowly opening the curtain, I saw Jimmy. Almost simultaneously she caught my gaze
It’s like something came over her this morning. She ran to me and hugged me making the polythene bag I was holding fall…
Me: Jummy Wait!! Wait, I’m going somewhere
She didn’t even behave like she heard me instead she kiss me widly, I was surprised by her actions before I knew what was happening…. I got her on the cushion and start the romance proper….
We did it for almost 10 minutes…
Me: Jummy, seems u dreamt about me today
Jummy: That’s right… I love you so much. I was jus preparing to come and serve you your food
Me: Well Jummy….
She stood up and covered my mouth with a wonderful kiss
She took my bags nd left for my room
Chai, my village people have finally gotten my Pattern lock
Phone rings
Me: Hello Betty, what is it
She laughs loudly
Betty: You are asking your girlfriend why she is calling you
Me: How did you become my girlfriend ….. Betty I’m warning you, don’t provoke my anger.
Betty: Well no vex, I’m just calling to remind you of the oath you took…. Of your mouth dance alingo and leaks it out, you would be a counterpart with Insanity
Me: Are you threatening me
Betty: No….. Why should I, your behavior is what is warranting it
Me: Betty, don’t do this to me now… I tot you claimed you love me…
Betty: Of course I do and I’m missing you
Me: Cant you erase the Oath we took?
Betty: Are you telling me that you want to reveal what happened between us to someone
Me: No, I’m just scared of the red substance I took… Would you like to see me run mad
Betty: No, that’s the more reason you have to stay mute
Me: Oh my God
I hunged up shaking my head
‘Who was that? ‘
I looked back and saw Jummy staring at me
Me: It’s my sister
Jummy: Betty right?
Me: Yes, you know her?
Jummy: Of course she was my friend while I was in Lagos… I never knew she was related to you. Where is she now??
Me: She’s still in Lagos
Jummy: But she left since last year now… Are u whining me
I was lost for words, what lie will I lie again
Jummy: Hum, maybe i will call her myself
Me: You have her phone number??!
Jummy: Of course… Your food is ready come and eat
She pecked me and left waving her buttocks….
I was disappointed in myself… This life short o
I’m doing sisters and friends together
To be continued

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