Big Bold And Beautiful – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 12]

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Jummy:So can we go out tonight
Me: Out, Out to where? Tell me that you’re joking
Jummy:(She laughs) So you can’t take me out
Me: Not that, you’ve just be discharged from the hospital.. And what would happen if your Uncle finds out about it
Jummy: Nothing… He can’t oppose to it
Me: Please let’s just be on the safer side.. Can we postpone it till….
Jummy: Okay
Me: Do you care for another tea
Jummy: No, I’m okay
Me: Jummy, tell me why you decide to put yourself in danger because of me
Jummy: I couldn’t stand you missing, you don’t know how you made me feel the first day we met in school
Me: Jummy, it’s okay. Don’t cry anymore. Where are u staying now
Jummy: I’m staying with my Uncle… My parent pushed me out for causing them shame
I stood up and placed her head on my chest
Jummy, it’s okay.. Don’t cry anymore, meanwhile she stroked my back softly.
“I was so relieved that day, I felt like no other guy had touched me before… I wholeheartedly fell for you
Me: Jummy, I know that but do you think your uncle won’t be mad at our togetherness
Jummy: Do you love me
Me: Won’t you answer my question
Jummy: If you love me, I don’t think anything should stop Love
Me: huh, that’s true… I love you dear.
One part of my mind was glad, the other was shedding light on the day myself and Betty slept together… What if Betty comes all of a sudden and mess everything
Next day
‘If you have a girl problem, I feel bad for you son, I get 99 problems but the b—h ain’t one, I gat the rap patrol on the……. ‘
I woke up to my phone ringing tune. It was the Principal, Mrs Funke
I slowly picked it up
Me: Hello ma
Mrs Funke: Hi, good morning Ola, how are you doing?
Me: I’m fine ma
Mrs Funke: That’s good, I heard that you were missing or something… Hope you didn’t get hurt and how did it happen
Me: I was kidnapped while on my way home (I lied) I’m okay ma, there was no mishap
Mrs Funke: I also heard of Jummy being admitted into an hospital.. Did you hear of it
Me: Well yes ma
Mrs Funke: That’s true because someone claim to see you too two days ago entering into a cab… Is she alright now and what happened
I was caught unexpectedly, I knew at this juncture I had to give a blatantly smooth lie or else she would think I had something with Jummy
Me: Erm….. Well.. Nothing ma, she was…. I mean she got involved in an accident nut she’s okay now
Mrs Funke: Okay dear, take care of yourself… I’m missing you here in school
Before I could reply, she had hunged up the call…. “Missing me in school”.. Why??
“Who called?? ”
I turned to see Jummy in the room
‘Mrs Funke’
‘The principal’, she asked raising her eyebrow’
‘And what did you tell her’
‘Everything is okay dear, I didn’t expose you
‘Oh, that’s relieving… ‘
Her facial expression changed immediately
Me: Jummy, what is it… Are you sad or what?
Jummy: I came here to tell you something, there is something I need you to explain to me
Me: What is it?
She looked at me for almost 20 second making me almost loose control… What is it now Jummy
She handed over to me a small sheet of paper
‘Read it aloud’
I took the paper and read it silently first
It reads.
I’m so happy to write to you. I don’t know how she would feel about what happened between us yesterday , I was expecting you last night… I really love the way u handled me, you are such a wonderful guy and I’ll wish to spend the res6of my life with you.. Will you be chanced tonight. Let’s meet at Gerlachy hotel… I’ll be waiting by 7pm
Love ya
Jummy: I said read it aloud
I looked at Jummy, I was scared deep inside of me but still managed to gather some courage and asked her ” Jummy, where did you get this from?”
Jummy: My sister Sade. I guess she wrote that to you
Me: To Me!! Did that just came out for your mouth, but Jummy, how can you think….
Jummy: I dunno either, wait a sec that reminds me, where were you yesterday when I went to bath…. How did that red stain get to your lips. I know the lip gloss that Sade wore yesterday so know how to lie the lie
Will you say something and stop keeping me waiting
Me: Jummy, do you think I would do this to you
Jummy: I’m not saying that you did it, I want an explanation…
Just then a knock came on the door
Jummy: Who the hell is there?
I’m the hell here… It’s Sade
My heart pumped like pumping machine.. Wahala shele
Sade: Jummy, come out I need to speak with you
Jummy: Sade please wait….. I’m coming
Sade: Please be fast, we need to talk
Jummy: What is it, can’t you wait
Sade: Did you see any letter or paper on my table
Jummy stopped and turned back
Jummy: Were you the one that wrote it to my boyfriend…. Safe you did this
Sade: Which of the boyfriends, will you stop pranting nonsense and give it to me… She entered the room
It’s meant for Olamide, or don’t you know him
Jummy: How should I believe you
Sade: Anyhow you like….. She took the paper from her and looked at me
Hello Mr boyfriend
Jummy looked at me and looked at her
The atmosphere went cool all of a sudden
To be continued
To my readers
Does Jummy deserve my Love?

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