Big Bold And Beautiful – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 12]

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Three days later
The situation has subsided a bit. Jummy had been discharged from hospital. She’s feeling well now just a slight pain on her back which couldn’t amount to any casualty.. I pleaded with Uncle Jim to allow me to stay with Jummy for the mean time..
We got to her apartment, I assisted her in getting down from the car and supporter her to the parlor, meanwhile my eyes was every where looking for any trace of Tara..
Phone rings
I picked it up, it was uncle Jide, he just called to know hw Jummy was faring. I prepared tea for her.
Me: Jummy, won’t you go and take your bath?!
Jummy: Not yet
Me: When would it be, please go and do it now
Jummy: Okay.. But Ola how did you get involved with Tara. I heard a few conversation on Tuesday night that made me suspicious that she had something with your being missing
Me: Tara, it’s nothing.. We just had little issues
Jummy: Is she your Ex?
Me: Jummy, pls go and bath, I’ll explain to you later
Jummy: Tell me now..
Me: Jummy, I can’t
Jummy: How?
Me: Just let’s leave that for now
She stood up and came close to you
Me: Jummy, I won’t lie to you, I seriously have a strong feeling for you… I never believed that you would come for me
Jummy: I love you Ola.. Please make me happy always… She stared at my lips….. I moved closer and our lips met
We lip locked for almost 2 minutes, thereafter a knock came on the door.
Me: Jummy, go and bath…
Jummy went out through the second door… I wondered why the person could be…
I opened the door slowly…
Standing before me was a very stunning beauty, she had on a glamorous skimpy top on a wonderful short skirt… I couldn’t help but gaze at her
Girl: Hi, how you doing.. Thanks for taking care of my half sister
Me: Really, that’s nice.. What’s your name
Girl: I’m Sade
Oh, very nice… Thanks
I came out with her to the corridor
Me: Is this how you dress at home
Sade: Hmmn well, that’s how I dress.. You like it
Me: Who would not like to see a beautiful girl like you
She turned and looked at me… Let’s come to my room
We got to her room
Sade: Do you care for a glass of wine
Me: Hmmn, thanks fear
I collected it from her
Sade: I really love your gesture.. You’re so caring
Me: Hmmn
I looked at her for a while and moved closer…
Ssshh, Sade I love you
She stood up and kissed me, she stroked my back and pushed me to the wall
I was short of actions, I didn’t know what came over me
She pulled off her cloth exposing her body.. I stood hard almost tearing off my boxers..
She stroked me hard and made me lie on the bed. After series of mouth actions, we ended up sleeping with each other… In the midst of the action I heard Jummy’s shout
Ola! Ola!! Where are you… I looked at sade and pushed her away.. I quickly put on my clothes and went out of the room.
Jummy had dressed up before I got to the room..
Jummy: Where were you?
Me: I was outside
Jummy: Okay, but what is this stain on your lip
Me: Stain?? I looked at the mirror, I saw a red stain.. Chai, it was Sade’s lip gloss..
Oh, that? It was sweet.. Stick sweet
She smiled and said okay
I felt uneasy, how could I have sex with her sister..
Hope the two sisters are not plotting against me…
I guess Sade drugged me, the wine wasn’t ordinary
To be continued

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