Big Bold And Beautiful – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 12]

After the days lesson, I went straight home to change my dress before I set out to Tara’s place.. I just hope she’ld forgive me.
On getting home, i met Jims at the dining table area reading a magazine. I looked around to see where Betty was, I didn’t see her.
I greeted him and asked of Betty. He told me she left the house
Me: Left, did you do something to her or what
Uncle Jim: I dunno…. In fact when I reached home, she was about leaving…
Me: How… Has she not been with you since. Did she Leave a note.
Uncle Jims: Yes.
Me: Where is it? What did she write?
Uncle Jim gave me a questioning look… I waved at him and went into the room
Uncle Jim will never understand me. Chai, how I wish I never took that oath…
Three hours later
I got to Tara’s apartment with the address she had given me. The house seemed bigger than the one she lived in while she was in Lag. I knocked on the gate and was ushered in by the Security man. I guess she had already informed him off coming. I was taken to the visitors room where I had to await Tara. It was getting dark, almost 8pm
About 30 minutes later
The door opened and Yemi came in
Yemi: (surprised) Ola, what are u doing here
Me: I should be asking you that, well Tara said I should come visit, we want to settle out some issues
Yemi: Issues??? You mean Tara told you to come
Me: Yes, what I sit now
Yemi: Chai, we are in big trouble.
Me: (Shocked) What!!
Yemi: Don’t you think she might want to revenge…
Me: But wait how did you meet her
Yemi: Ha, it is a long story o
Me: But I don’t think Tara cam be so cruel to do that to me…
The door barged open
Tara: Yes, I’m not cruel hearted but I want full revenge… Seize them
Black out
I woke up to see my hands and legs tied. I looked around to see if anyone was here. Yemi was still sleeping.. I shook him with my legs
Me: Yemi!, Yemi!! wake up, we are in danger
He woke lazily…
Yemi: ( shocked) Who did this?
Me: Chai, say na like this I go die and Yemi na u cause am o.. Why must you hand over our plan to Pablo
Yemi: Is this a time to start transferring blame
Me: Haaaaaaa Yemi
Just then a masked man stood in front of us
Masked man: Standing before you is the Agent of Death… You two evil hearted demonic bastards have now crossed the path of no return… I will do you a favor… Say you last prayers
Just like a mad man
Yemi: You scoundrel… Who are you basted son of a thousand father’s. What do you think you can do with me
Me: Yemi stop pranting nonsense, we are already tied, you can’t do anything…. (To the man) please spare us
Yemi: (Interrupts) Hey Mr Ola, watch your tongue… (To the man) release me now, you bastard…. Untie me nooooowww
Just like in a deft moment, I saw with my two eyes, the man leapt forward with a cutlass or so in his hand… He hit Yemi across his shoulder ad started cutting his flesh like a butcher.. It was an horrible sight blood was splashing on my body…. I looked at Yemi, he was already soaked in blood
Yemi: (stretching forth his hands to me)
I made an attempt to hold him, suddenly his hand fell off.. I looked up and saw that the man chopped off his hand… My eyes strained
God, is this the way I will die
The man turned back and picked a big stone… He smashed it on Yemi’s head… I closed my eyes
Opening it about 10 seconds later, i saw Yemi’s skull rolling…
Yemi Died
I started shaking… The cloud darkened and soon started drizzling
The Agent of death turned to me and said
I stared at him and started crying
2 days later
I waited and waited for my death to come but no one was coming… Every where was silent, I was even scared of being bitten by wild animals… I couldn’t sleep, Yemi kept hunting me I my dream headless…
Suddenly I heard wails and cries from afar accompanied with a man’s voice
Ola! Ola!! Ola!!!
I shouted in response.. She came out, she had on a dirty gown with thorns on her dress and her body bruised
Jummy , what are you doing here
She ran towards me but was stopped by one of the men
It was then I knew that I was doomed
Leave me alone, she cried and bit his hand, she slipped from his grip and ran but she was pulled back by another guy… He pushed her and stabbed her from the back with a dagger.
She looked at me for a moment and with tears in her face, she fell down probably dead
The Kidnappers started laughing at me
You fool, you think you can escape death.. I’ve been dragging your death along but not anymore
Your demise is near
I looked at Jummy, she was already pale with blood over her
One of them came with a dagger, he raised it up and in a bit to stab me I heard a gun shot
He fell down and the remaining ones ran away
I dragged myself to where Jummy was
Me: Jummy, wake up… No Jummy wake up… I shouted for help like a mad man
I heard sirens I was relieved a bit
A policeman came.. He looked familiar… With a broad smile, he identified himself as Jide… Gosh, Thank You God
He asked where Jummy was, with tears in my face I told him how she met her demise
He loosened me and I checked on Jummy … I was happy to still find her pulse..
5 hour later
The police had ransacked the whole arena and managed to get two arrested, one injured and two dead.. Tara was no where to be found
Jummy was admitted into a nearby hospital.. The doctor had assured us that she would be fine
I sat in the hospital waiting room all day, I couldn’t sleep… The thought of Yemi bloody skull kept hunting me and here is Jummy that risked her life for my sake…
She loves me, there is no doubt, but how do i face Betty
Chai, I’m really dead… I didn’t know when I started crying
To be continued
RIP Yemi
Do you think he deserves it
Let’s here your opinion

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