Big Bold And Beautiful – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 12]

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I wwas told to sit in the reception. I quickly put my phone aside just to avoid useless comments from the receptionist..
I sat on a chair facing her..
She moved her chair backwards and adjusted the monitor..
Receptionist: What’s your name?
Me: Well I’m Olaoluwa… You can call me….
Receptionist: What else should I call you. She hissed and focused on the monitor.
Nawa o, wetin I talk now
Later the principal came and took me upstairs.. She handed over to me my appointment letter. I was overwhelmed with Joy.. We negotiated salary and talked about some other issues line handling staffs, students and all sort..
I left the school premises an hour later
Next day
I got to school early, I couldn’t afford to get insulted again by the stupid receptionist.. Last night I told Uncle Jim abt her. He laughed me to score telling me of how she made life miserable for him and at the end of it all made him resign..
I just pray I would get on her good side…
I signed in at the gate and went straight to the reception..
Me: Hello Ma, Good morning
Receptionist: My name is not Ma but Joyce.. Do you get
Me: Yes ma
She hissed
Joyce: Follow me
She took me to the staff room and showed me my table..
30 mins later
The bell for the assembly rang.
Quickly I rounded up my work and made my way to the hall… I was almost at the hall when Joyce walked past me like a mad woman…
Me: Aunty Joyce, don’t you have eyes… Can’t you see me
She didn’t even turn, she just walked on
I viewed my shirt to see if there was a stain just then I was a stretched hand offering me an handkerchief, I looked at the person. She was a student, guessing her age she should be around 19 years or so..
Me: Good morning student
She scooped to greet me. Good morning sir.. I knew what happened, don’t mind Temper that’s how she behaves
Me: Temper, or what did you just call her.
Girl: Lol, we gave her the nickname cos she us hot temperedMe: Funny tho. What’s your name?
Alright, you can go to the assembly… Thanks
After the assembly
I brushed through the timetable.. I was having the SS2 class as my first period.
Not used to the custom of joint greeting, i was taken aback when the student rose and dragged a long Goooodmooorrning siiiir.
The teaching took 45 minutes.. I tried to make it lively and I guess it was.. When the lesson ended I instructed the class rep to bring their notes for marking.
In the staff room
No teacher was in the staff room, i guess they all have classes.. No sooner had I entered than she did..
” Sir, this is the notes you requested”
I turned and saw Jummy.
Me: Are u in SS2?
Jummy: Yes sir
Me: Wow, I never knew, well thanks for the other time..
Jummy: It’s alright
She dropped the notes and turned to leave
Me: Jummy, is there something bothering you.. Why is it that I’m having this feelings that you are unhappy…
She looked at me and tears dropped her face.
Me: What is it dear, talk to me
She came closer
Jummy: (sobbing)
Me: Tell it to me dear. A problem shared is a problem half solved
She explained to me how she had to leave school when she got pregnant with her first child. Her first boyfriend which she claims that resembles me was her cause for sorrow. She fell in love with him so heartedly…
“I met Frank 4 years ago, then i was ss1.He proposed love to me and as a small girl of 15, I had accepted him as my be. We started dating and got so close meanwhile his school was not so far from mine at that time. He was in his final year. Things got worse on Feb 14th the following year when he invite me to his house.. Normally I felt it was the usual thing, gist and all that. Frank had never made an attempt to kiss on my lips not to talk of sex. I got to his home that day around 5 in the evening.. He surprised me or let me say he spoiled me with gifts.. I was so happy and felt I was the only girl in the world. I thought within myself of what I could give to him in exchange of his care..
2 hours later
He came inside the room with a small nylon bag. I asked him what it was, he just smiled and told me to open it… To my wildest amazement, it was a new blackberry bold 4… Oh my God… I was so glad, I didn’t know when I jumped and hug him. I guess he was happy, he held me close and pecked my cheeks…
I thought he loved me soooooooo much like he used to proclaim so i……
He started making funny moves like carressing me all over… I fell for his pleasure and lost my virginity to him.
3 months later
I was confirmed pregnant. I told Frank but he adamantly refused being responsible. I was so surprised at his behavior.. I remembered going to his home one Wednesday morning… I told him to his face..
You are the father of my child… You had sex with me, why are you denying responsible.. He just stared at me and told me to leave… I insisted on not leaving… I shouted at him so much that the neighbours came… The next thing I felt was a thunderstorms kind of slap on my face..
I looked at him
Frank, you slapped me… He pushed me put of his house!!!!
Me: Jummy, it’s okay. Don’t cry any more. Where are u staying now
Jummy: I’m with my uncle… My parent threw me out for causing them shame…
I stood up and placed her head on my chest….
Jummy, it’s okay. I understand… Don’t cry anymore….
After consoling her, I told her to get back to her class.. I glanced at my timetable.. I still had three classes to go…
Phew, May the Lord help me
7 hours later
After the school bell rang, we had a short assembly which was to introduce the new teachers and students… It took about 30 mins..
On getting home, I met Betty in the parlor..
Me: Hi Betty.. How are u doing..
Betty: I’m fine dear… How was work
Me: Fine, is Uncle Jim at home
Betty: No
I went into my room.. ‘What does this Betty want from me’ I thought as I undressed..
I felt a hand on me…
I turned and saw her
Betty what are u doing.. She kept mute and continued stroking me… Meanwhile I was on boxers… The Devil took controlled and I wallowed in her abyss…
We had more than 3 rounds after which I climaxed…
‘Oh, you’re so strong and sweet’ she commented
I just sat on the bed and watched her wear her panties…
Uncle Jim stood in my front with a double barrel gun…
Uncle Jim: You think you will escape hell
Me: Uncle Jim, I’m sorry… She forced me to it… I couldn’t help myself
Uncle Jim: I see, but I’m not asking for ur opinions… Say ur LAST PRAYER
Me: Uncle Jim!!!!!
I woke up from the bed… What a bad dream. I looked at the time it was 6:14…
To be continued

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