Big Bold And Beautiful – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 12]

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Tara proved adamant and went out. I place my hand on my head and sighed. Yemi entered the room afterwards
Bigups on your success- he said
Me: Yemi, you cause this all. I hope u know. This wasn’t out plan now
Yemi: You caused it, how could you allow Folake or what’s that her name again
Me: I never expected her either but you could at least allowed her go, I mean the two of them
Yemi: Two of them, why??
I explained to him how i had laid a false accusation on Tara..
Phone rings
I picked it up
Me: Yes, hello who is speaking?
Me: Huu Erm.. Folake I’m…..
Folake: Just relax, I’m not angry with you. I knew what happened. Just cool your self, Femi has explained everything to me
Me: Fola, what did he say…
Folake: You can ask him yourself.. Let me make things clear to you.. Don’t you ever think of calling me again… It just won’t be funny..
She hunged up and left me unsatisfied
Yemi came out from the kitchen
‘Watsup, why ur face con be like this’
I hissed ‘ why won’t I be like this? Yemi, you cause this shey u know? Jus leave my house
Yemi: What!
Leave my house please
I drove him out and sat heavily on my bed.. I lost two girls on one account..
My journey has just begun
Christmas and new year celebration rolled by. I visited Uncle Jimi… Uncle Jim is just three years ahead of me.. He is 26years but he is distinctly matured than I am.. I confided in him nd explained all that had happened to me. I guess he felt sorry for me..
‘ Can you relocate here, I think that’s the best option, the police could be after you’
To me it had seemed to be the right solution
I could not face the faces of people on the taking me as a kidnapper or ritualist. Apart from haughty expression from Tara anytime we meet on the street
I packed my belongings and left the are from good. It was a 7 hrs journey which was so tiring.. I slept most of the times.. We got to ibadan around 5pm. My uncle’s welcoming arms were outstretched…
I knew within me that I had to start a fresh and forget about every relationship I had before
Uncle Jim got me a teaching job in a secondary school not too far from our place. The pay wasn’t too encouraging but I just had to start from some where
16th January, 2016
I woke up lazily from bed.. I graceful Saturday. I brushes through my face and glanced at the clock it was past 6..Gorsh,I would be late..
I grabbed my towel and headed for the bath. I heard muffled voices from my uncle’s bedroom.. I tiptoed quietly and saw a lady in the room.
Hmmn, so uncle Jim never stop carrying girls up and down
I got to the shower and had a nice time of refreshing..
10 mins later
I came out to a knock on the door. On opening the door I met this beautiful angel..
‘Chai, see color TV, Uncle Jim likes fine things o’ I said to myself
Lady: Hi
Me: Hi, good morning.. You Stay here?
Lady: Hmmn, I just came to see someone
I nodded and left her standing
‘You forgot ur toothbrush’
I turned and saw he backside. She bent and picked it up for me.. She gave me the toothbrush and went into the bathroom.. I stood still to hear her remove her towel
Just then, I felt a tap on my shoulder which jolted my entire system
Uncle jim: Bigups man, how was ur night
I turned and saw Uncle Jim in a pajamas.. Oh good morning uncle
Uncle Jim: Hmmn, how do u see her?
Me: Ah, Jim Jim, you never stop to dey carry girls.. Jesus is coming soon o
Uncle Jim: Na me u dey preach for. Hope u know you have an interview today
Me: Yea ya
He nodded and patted my back.. I watched dim go into the bathroom
I shook my head and went into the room..
7:00 am
I dressed up in my White shirt and brown trouser.. I had a nice tie and shoe which uncle Jim had lent me.. I memorized all the scripts uncle Jim wrote..
She came by
Lady: Wow, you look so handsome
I turned and saw her in a blue Jean and a skimpy I love you top.. Her lip gloss were pink.. I really felt like having them on mine….
‘Will you keep quiet’ I reprimanded my thoughts
Me: Well you’re not bad either
Lady: Are u Olaoluwa
Me: Yea, you can call me Ola for short..
Lady: Nice name Ola… I’m Betty
Me: Betty… That’s cool
I stared at her and our eyes caught each other… I couldn’t take my eyes off her lips.. I seemed too darn sexy…
Like in a deft moment… Our lips met each other, I couldn’t describ what came over me… I held me tight and started devouring her…
She started morning softly.. I pushed her to the wall, pinning her… I took hold of her ass but was interrupted by the door sound… We separated quick and hid our face from each other… I tucked in and left the house…
‘God, save me from girl problem… Who is this girl again? ‘
I prayed silently as I waved a bike and headed for the interview..
On getting to the school, Fade’ s model college.. I went directly to the reception..
At the receptionist office
Me: Good morning MA, I came for the interview
Receptionist: Yes, good morning, What is it by ur time? Don’t you know that you are late… What is that on your lip… You look so haggard… I was flabbergasted
‘Wait, on top say I come late’… I brushes through the mirror in the office and saw pink stuff on my lip.. Chai, Betty’s lip
I cleaned it up…
Me: I’m Sorry madam, but it’s not yet 8:00am
Receptionist: I can see sirdam. I have eyes and they are not blind … Let me make things clear to you… People like you don’t get jobs here… Better carry that useless file of urs and gerara here..
I couldn’t take it any longer.. I picked up my envelope
The principal came by
Me: Hello, Mr Olaoluwa. Come to my office
I turned to the receptionist and waved at her
She hissed…
I went with the principal to her office, there I met couples of panels.. I was interviewed and got nice satisfactory nods.
The principal went out to get something done… I seized the opportunity and picked up my fone… I logged onto Facebook… Messages were swarming in… I jus ignored the messages… A post caught my attention
Folake’s profile picture
She took a selfie with Femi… What pained me was that she was smiling broadly with Femi’s evil Hans on her shoulders
. I was brewed with jealousy… I bit my lips and shook my head
‘ I hope everything is alright Mr Olaoluwa’
I looked up and saw them looking at me
I faked a smile and said
I’m okay
…. Within me, I wasn’t myself…
Of all people why would Folake and Femi be together…
To be continued

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