Big Bold And Beautiful – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 12]

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Story so far
Story of me(Ola) and my only Tara.. I remembered meeting her at Loves party on valentine’s day.. Feb 14th, to be sincere I was totally drunk in love, I m re an love at first sight.. I had set out my proposal which without much thoughts yielded a positive yes.. Things were going fine, I was doing everything possible within my Power to make Tara happy, but you now girls are so I the issue of ‘He is not caring’
Things started to fall apart when I met another girl Folake on social media, the girl that presently rules my life, the one by whose sweet words my heart is set ablaze.. We became friends on fb and started this E-dating of a thing.. After some weeks as a sharp dude, I proposed to her.. She explained so many things that does not concern me at all??‍♀??‍♀ but all the same she gave me the answers I wanted..
Just one morning she called and was like, hello sweetie, how was ur night and bla bla bla… I love you.. It felt like I hadn’t heard the word before. So overwhelming.. I set out my plans to start wallowing in the Golden abyss. I never knew hand in hand, I was holding frustration on the aisle to destruction.. I told her to visit and gave her my address… Her visitation was what set the pace for the trouble I am in now…
I drew out my phone hastily and walked to the parlor like a frightened cat.. Thus threat is too much, Folake mustn’t die just because of my carelessness.. I didn’t bring her here to die.. Pablo had called earlier and clearly stated that I’ld make the whole issue hectic if I involve the police… Thoughts throdded my heart maybe I should tell the police but considering that lately there had been rare success of kidnapping rescue.. This is even addicted to the problem
. I hissed..
Phone rings
I was so surprised to see a foreign number calling
Me: Yes, who do you want to speak with?
Caller: This is Femi.. Ola why did u refuse to call me
Me: I such think you still have your sense.. What gave you the idea that I wouldn’t think you are still in the police custody.. And by the way where are you and what is the reason for ur calling???
Femi: Ola, cool down.. What is the problem with you. Is anyone above mistake
Me: So that is what you want to tell me abi.. What’s my problem.. I can see that you have no disgrace… After distracting me publicly all you can tell me is….. Mtcheew.. I don’t have a spare time for you
Femi: OK I’m sorry. I just thought I could be of help
Me:Help? In what way.. Nigga, abeg commot for my phone
Femi: Anyways.. How much did Pablo requested, then me ur account number let me send it to you..
I was startled..
Me: (Brightening up a smile) Are u kidding… I’m not joking at all here.. I need It urgently.. Are u for real
Femi: Now I like the way you are responding
Me: Lol.. Are u for real
Femi: Yea send me the account number..
I was so happy.. I thanked him so immensely and hunged up.. So God still answers prayers sha… I was so glad
Knock on the door
Me: Yes come in
Two big men came I and stood
I stood up shocked.. I recognized one but can’t really say where
One of them spoke
‘Yes, is this the house My sister came to on wednesday
Me: Your sister, no I don’t know ur sister
‘You insolent idiot.. You want to tell me, you don’t know Folake’
It was then I remembered his face, Folake had once used him as her fb profile pics her uncle or something
Me: Yeees
‘ So where is She??’
Me: Wait let me explain everything to you… I told them all I knew.. How she came unexpectedly and was packed innocently.. I also told them I had the ransom with me…
‘I’m giving you an ultimatum of 24Hours. If by then you haven’t solve this case.. You’d be in a gigantic trouble…. He pushed me and went out
Chai see life
Anyway, Femi says he is going to send the money to me.. But can I trust him considering the danger he had cause me already…
Omo, I don enter o
To be continued
To my readers; Should I still inform the police or i should just let Femi help me
Episode 9
Folake’s side of the story
After David left me for the better, I had a lot of ease… I could do anything o wanted, talked to anyone I liked and go anywhere I wanted.. I could not imagine being in a relationship not even in the next six months till I met Ola.. I met on Facebook.. We were ghost friends like we don’t really talk to each other.. Time went on and we started chatting with each other. He is a very funny guy, I love reading his posts on fb, so hilarious.. At times i even borrow card just to log in and read his posts, I guess he noticed me and we got talking and confiding in each other. He told me sweet things like he loves my pics, personality and my smile… Overwhelmed by that u guess I fell for him.. But I couldn’t trust him, I don’t trust Boys any longer.. Did I just say Don’t, oh I’m sorry CAN’T!!
Time went on and he professed his feelings for me.. It took me days to give him a nice reply…
Something devastating happened the next day, I got a news that a certain pastors daughter was raped.. Looming at the rapist I say Ola, my heart pumped.. How can this happened.. I tried his phone it was switched off, I tried it severally but it was not just going.. I couldn’t imagine he would do that
Next day
I called him again and accused him of being in humanely.. He pleaded innocence. I just couldn’t believe him until I say it myself… It was a false accusation
Weeks later
He invited me to his house. I agreed buy told him to send my tfare. He sent it to me before the dawn of that day.. I decided to surprise him by visiting him unexpectedly.. I didn’t know my actions were disastrous..
With the address he gave to me, I got to his place.. I was relieved to see him living comfortably.. Without hesitation I barged into the house..
I was started by what I saw
Ola stood there kissing another girl.. I heard the girl say
“Who is she? ”
Ola just stood like a withered leaf waiting to fall.. Before I could say Jack Robinson.. These sort of Gigantic guys swarmed in and took hold of me and the girl… U hear Ola scream Folake us not amoung
God, Amount who???
Tara’s side of the story
Immediately I left Ola’s place on Sunday evening.. I had left for my clients place… Prior to that I went to his house with Tinuke sorry message for causing him trouble.. I had helped him to dress his wound and cook.. We were on the bed when my fon3 rang, not wanting to disturb him I went out to the kitchen.. It was my client James that requested for a sum of 25,000.. After settling him.. I hanged up and served Ola.. We ate and gifted..
Two hours later I left his place only to forget my phone in his place.. I brushed off the thoughts of going back.. I knew James would have sent a feedback..
Next day
I came as usual to my bf’s place.. He was getting really better
Me: Sweetie
Ola: Yes hun.. How r u doing
Me: Very well, I can see you are doing fine
He nodded and made advances to kiss me
Just then the door barged open and a girl in her early twenties entered.
I looked at Ola, he wore a surprised look
Me: Who is She?
Before he could reply, Huge men invaded the house and took us away…
I heard Ola shout
‘Folake is not among’
Among who… Did Ola plan to kidnap me??
Ola’s side of the story
Two days later
I have been very restless, How would I approach Folake and Tara.. Oh my God. Well thanks be to God he had use Femi in solving part of the problem, he had paid the ransom on my behalf.. But what if Folake uncle comes again
I called Pablo and he said he had released them. Tara had called me and insulted me from my very head to my very sole but Folake hasn’t and you know that the silent duck knows what he is doing… I jumped up and hit my leg on my safe in anger.. What will I do……
Just then it fell and I saw wads of naira notes… Ehn Chai, see danger
I checked saw it was 25,000 the exact one that I accused Tara of stealing.. I placed my hand in my head, So all that happened was just False judgment.. Chai
I cursed the day Tara came
I cursed the day Yemi came to my place
How I wish I waited a little longer to search the only before I started judging nonsense…
The door barged open… I felt the annoyance, no one had to tell me that Tara was here
Tara: Ola, Ola, come out… You hate me, you wished my demise… You wanted to see me dead. What did I do to you. How did I offend you.. Tell it to me, tell me?!!
I could not say anything, how will I tell her that I thought she stole my money
Me: Tara please take it easy
Tara: Which take it easy… I can see how cruel you are… You wished me dead right… She turned to leave… I held her back
Me: Tara please forgive me. I didn’t intend to kidnap you
Tara: Now tell me who that girl was?
Me: You mean??
Tara: Will u spare me d innocence
Me: Well that’s my sister, I never knew she was coming here
Tara: Your sister? Well that’s you problem.. I hope u know I will never believe you.. I hate you.. Hate as in Hate. . I HATE YOU
Just then a knock cane in the door.. My heavy heart deflated with immediate effect..
Tara dashed to the door to open it.
Me: Bo, don’t go there
She didn’t even look at me, she just went on
Chai, which kine wahala be this one na??
Omo see original gobestic gobe
To be continued

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