Big Bold And Beautiful – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 12]

I dragged myself sluggishly out from her embrace and dashed out of the house
I was dialing Charisma’s line and she was literally putting my calls on voicemail.. I guess i hurt her much or maybe she’s just jealous
“Is she trying to have me all to herself?” I said still dialing her number

I called Bright and he picked..
“ Charis with you??”
I paused for a while and continued
“Is she still mad at me? About having Sina as our friend?” I looked worried
“She is reallyyyyyy mad at you…right now she’s stuffing pizzas, oh and i see a pack of milk too down her throat, trying to choke herself because she’s scared of losing you” he said boldly
I laughed silently and said
“So she misses me this way”
“I guess”
“Tell her i love her and am sorry for running after Sina”
I exhaled deeply
“At least i said what’s on my mind” i said to myself

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The day of the competition
I woke up by 4:30am to practice with mum.. And we made magic.. I was prepared to show myself to the world without hiding who i was.. I was truly proud of myself (at least the counsellings from the doctor were not in rambles).. I took my bath by 7:00am at the dot, ate a little since Charisma won’t dance and i was forced to do the whole dance thing because mum had an important phone call from her office and she needed to be there
“So sorry baby, i don’t think i might make it..I promise to make it up to you” she said dashing out with her bag from the house
“Really? So everyone’s backed out!” I screamed in shock
I got to school..beautiful decorations on the walls and colourful hair-do from the other kids.. I got to the rest room and looked myself in the mirror trying to raise my ego
“It’s your day Chris..No f**k up!”
I bent down to pour water on my face and raised back my head..I saw Bright and Charisma staring at me from the mirror, i turned back and there they were
“Charis! Bright!” Tears rolled down my cheeks in amazement.

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