Big Bold And Beautiful – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 12]

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Next day
Knock on the door
Who is there?
Oh, I’m coming. I dashed to my room and dailed Yemi’s number
Baba, she don arrive
I opened the door and let her in with a sooo cool smile
Me: How u doing dear?
Tara: I’m good, I can see u r getting much better…. She moved to kiss me but was interrupted by a knock on the door. I thought it was Yemi.. I looked up and saw Folake
I was startled, ogbeni see danger.. Wahala dey o
Tara: Ola, please who is this??
Folake: I’m his girlfriend, who are you.
Tara: Girlfriend my foot.. (To me) Don’t stand there and gaze like a regeneratedmad man..
Me: Tara, cool down. Folake is……
The door barged open and two hefty men burgled in.. Chai, was this Yemi’s plan. . To abduct Tara and ask 4 ransom… Chai, my head
Me: Hello, can i have a word with you
They looked at me and pushed me aside…
Take them away, one of them thundered… I feel flat on the floor screaming Leave Folake, she’s not part of it… Nooooo
They didn’t even pretend to hear me, they just took the two girls and went out.. I tried to stand up, I heard two gun shots and a loud car sound… Chai, which kine wahala I con bring on myself like this..
I picked up my fone and dailed Yemi’s number
Me: Yemi, please help me out
Yemi: You talk in parable, have u not seen the people Pablo sent… I just confirmed that she has been taken a d kept safe… How much do u want to demand for the…..
Me: Oh my God… Forget ransom for now. They have taken Folake, my girlfriend too
Yemi: Wait, don’t tell me, they took two girls now.
Me: Yes.. I didnt know she would arrive today.
Yemi: You are a fool, big time own o
Me: No time for insults abeg.. Please tell them to let her go.
Yemi: That’s ur concern bro.. I have already explained the whole thing to Pablo… He is in charge now, maybe u call him
Me: No Femi, abeg no waste my life like this.. Abeg help me beg Pablo
I begged and begged him until he finally agreed to call Pablo… I’ll feed u back..
I hunged up and cleared the room incase the police comes again..
Three hours later
Phone rings
Me: Yes, who is this??
Pablo: Bastard, if u care for ur girlfriends, bring 100,000 to me before noon tomorrow
Me: Ehn, Mr Pablo… Please I beg u.. There is a girl there, her name is Folake.. She is not part of the plan.. Please let her go, as for Tara, I rest my case
Pablo: Before tomorrow noon, I want to have the money in my palm or else I will send the two dead bodies to you
Me: So scared… Please don’t kill them. Abeg noooo. Pls Can I hear there voice
Folake: Hello Ola… Is this what I deserve for coming to ur house… I hate you, she weeps… I know u would leave me to die here.. Do it.. Heartless boy
Tara: Ola, I’m very sorry, please forgive me for what I did?? At least for the sake of the love between us…
Pablo: Bastard, if u refuse to bring the money, your girlfriends would turn to rape machines… Meet me at Ivana ore before four tomorrow
He hunged up
I was devastated.. Chai, why is d table turning against me now.. I planned it myself now it’s affecting… The hunter became the hunted..
I dailed a number on Tara’ phone, the same number that sent the text message.
Hello, this is Pablo . Tara is in my custody.
Voice: Tara, how? When? GOD
Me: Will you keep quiet.. You fool.. If u love her and u don’t want her to die bring a sum of 100,000 to me before 2moro tomorrow.. Failure to do so… Tara’ dead body would knock on ur door
Voice: God!! Please don’t do anything to her.. I promise to bring the money
I hunged up and sighed.. Oh God, it’s not only me that will be suffering…
I just pray this idiot brings the money
My door barged open.. I jumped up and asked… Right before me was Folake tied with her hands at her back.. Jesus!!!
Me: Pablo, please don’t do this.. Please don’t kill her
Pablo: Is that my concern… You failed to bring the money, so she’ll die… Slit her throat
I moved to stand between him a d Folake but her pushed me hard.. I fell on an adjoining chair with much excruciating pain I screamed Don’t Kill Her
Like two deaf idiots, they took hold of her and pierced her throat, I looked down and saw droplets of blood, in no time it was a pool of blood. . Folake died in my presence
Noooooooooooooooo I screamed and woke up
Gorsh what a bad Nightmare…
Phone rings
I looked at the screen a d saw the call… PABLO….
Chai, I don die
To be continued
The story is getting tough, isn’t it??
let’s here ur views, who is at fault Me or Folake who came unexpectedly

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