Big Bold And Beautiful – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 12]

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I fell asleep again and woke up around 5:00 pm. This time I was in a cool environment… The room was clean, I saw everywhere set. Tara came out from the kitchen in her bumper shorts. I guess she had been cooking, sweats on her face. I pretended to be asleep. After placing d pot on d floor she cleaned d dirt on d chair and sat down picking beans… Omo, this girl see dey cook for me, I pray she doesn’t finds out that I’m double dating o. I coughed and she turned to my direction. I quickly closed my eyes but she progressed to me and planted a nice kiss on my cheek. I found her mouth soon and we started lip locking.
Phone rings
I looked at my screen and saw Folake calling. I cutted call and threw my fone far on d bed. Why didn’t u pick d call? Tara asked… Neva mind, d person is not worth talking to.
I hope she is not a girl o, she smiled
I kissed her so much till I felt she wouldn’t need d answer again
Baby, what are u cooking? I asked her
She stood up, rice and beans. I’m sure u would like it. Let me quickly pick d beans , the rice is almost ready.
She left me. I took up my fone and logged in on fb. She was online.
Me: Hi dearie, sorry I didn’t pick ur call
Folake: What were u doing
Me: Nothing really, I m just tired. Kind of pain around my joints. I quickly formulated a nice lie.
Folake: Oh nice dear… Sweetheart, I will be coming soon to lag. Can we meet
It took me almost 10 minutes to answer d question. Omo see gobe.
Me: Hmmn, that’s nice, but when will dat be
Folake: Maybe Wednesday…
Me: Okay dear. Take care
Folake: Don’t tell me u r logging out already
Me: Hmmn, yes
She was typing but I didn’t wait to see it, I closed down d application immediately… Tara came in and looked at me with a questioning look.
Me: Why are u puzzled
Tara: Can’t u see d way u r holding ur phone
Me: How, I held d phone out 4 her to see.
How na??
Tara: Okay nothing o
30 minutes later
We had finished rating, Tara was on d bed with her phone. I just laid there thinking,
God, help me o
What If Tara finds out about Folake
How do I tell Folake not to come again???
Chai, Ola see ur life…
Tara stood up and went to my wardrobe, took my towel and said
I’m going to bath, do u care??
She smiled seductively and pulled me… Chai, my head. I stood up like a soldier and headed for d bathroom with her.
One days later
Knock on the door
Me: Please who is that?
Guy, comman open door joor.
I stood up and opened d door, it was Yemi my bosom friend. I love calling him Yemo..
Me: Guy, how far. Wetin dey sup na.
Yemi: Baba, I hear wetin happen. He bad o. Me see no believe say Femi fit dey careless like dat.
Me: Free dat tin. That one don go
Phone rings
Me: Na ur phone dey ring ni?
Yemi: Me ke. Nooo no b ur fone ni
Me: Mtcheew, shey na me go dey use Osinachi as ring tune ni.
Yemi: Na u know o. No b my own fone sha. I stood up and traced d tune, to my utmost amazement I met it under my wardrobe.
Yemi: Who get phone?
Me: He dey confuse me sef. But it’s like it’s Tara’s own. We sat on d bed. I unlocked d phone and a new message entered. “Yea nice, honey, that was a nice move. It’s confirmed 25,000 naira” Ehn twenty five naira, my hard earned money
Yemi: Which hard earned money. Wetin happen.
Me: I have been too slow. Ah, mo sha mo {I noticed} the way she was behaving yesterday.
Yemi: Who dey behave, wetin u dey yarn sef.
Me: Tara has taken all my money I rushed to my wardrobe and found my briefcase empty.
I explained to Yemi everything that happened yesterday..
Yemi: Ola, you are too slow. You be mugu. How can one small girl comman ride u like dat. Oga ade, you too dull o.
I just stood there like an useless fowl
See ehn, you know wetin u go do
Me: I swear i don die.
Yemi: You neva die na, no b u be dis.
We’ll collect that money.
Me: How, don’t u see dat it’s like she transpired with someone else. Ha
Yemi: Cool down boss. Na process my process. When next is she coming to ur place.
Me: That would be Wednesday.
Yemi: Call me when she arrives, just lrave d rest to me. Do you understand.
Me: Do u think she would bring the money. Guy I really need it o.
Yemi: Fara ba le. Everything will be alright.
Yemi left after about 40 mins. I accompanied him to d bustop then branched at d bustop to but some stuffs before heading back home.
Next day
Me: Tara, when wy to my house now. I’m feeling lonely.
Tara: Sweetheart. I’m busy lately. Please did u see my phone
Me: Phone, no. I didn’t see it
Tara: Omg, I don’t know where I 4got it. What kind of phone sef. It’s a small Nokia fone. “Chai d same one I saw”
Me: Huh, no I didn’t. Don’t worry I will get another 4 u.
Tara: No its that one I want. There is a great information I need on it
Eh ehn, information. Me: Oh, I’m sorry abt dat. I hope u get it soon. So, when will u come to my place.
Me: Okay, let’s make it tomorrow.
I hunged up and logged in on Facebook..
She was online again as usual.
Me: Baby
Folake: Sweety mi
Me: How u doing dear.
Folake: Been busy kind of. Just preparing to meet u. I wuld be coming tomorrow o. Send me ur address…
Chai, see my life. Wetin o go tell this girl now.
Me: Oh, that’s lovely dear. But I won’t be around tomorrow until around 7 in d evening. Why don’t u come next tomorrow or Saturday.
Folake: Ann, but this wasn’t wat we planned. I’m coming tomorrow o
Me: I’m sorry dear. Please let is be Saturday. I would not be at home.
After much argument, she agreed to postpone her arrival. I was relieved.
Next day
Knock on d door
Who is there?
Oh, I’m coming. I dashed to my room and dailed Yemi’s number.
Baba, she don arrive.
I opened d door and let her in with my sooo cool smile.
Me: Baby, how are u
Tara: I’m good. I can see u r getting much better… She moved to kiss me but was interrupted by the door… I thought it was Yemi and his gang but I was surprised to see Folake
How did she get here???!!!!!
Chai, what will I say to Tara
How do I explain myself to Folake
If Yemi and his gangs come. What would happen???
Oh my God
To be continued

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