Big Bold And Beautiful – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 12]

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Show me ur friends and I will tell u who u r, this was my lot. No one could believe me if I stood innocent, pleasing my cause that I didn’t know anything about it. I decided to keep mute and watch where things are heading to. The atmosphere was chaotic. I never knew the police could be so rash. After taking photos of us, they pulled us out to the open a d started bashing us… I was just suffering cos I didn’t know the indepth of my friend. What a pity. Dear friends, read ur friends well b4 u walk with them, no one wants 2 hear ur side, ur friends paints the picture..
After much struggle and shouts, Femi confessed his deed. That freed me, he said he was the one man planner that did everything and I was not part… I can’t say how tears find its way to my face…
After confirmation that I was not really not among, I was taken to the police station where I had a quick bath and a change of dress with that, I left the police station.
I got home about two hours later, I had to trek a very massive distance. Of course there was no tfare??‍♀??‍♀… I just kept staring at the ground, I could not help to see the useless faces of people viewing me like television.. ? It was so hurtful but as hurtful as my how affected Folake’s trust in me would be…
I got home and remembered I didn’t even lock the door. I pushed it open nd saw the messs of my life.. My bed lying on d wall, clothes here and there. The police has really helped me in designing my room.. I hopped to my seat and placed my hand on my head.
Phone rings
I traced the sound of the fone and saw it under my books. I drew to pick it but d was hunged already.. I checked the missed calls and I saw 29 missed call from Folake and 11 missed call from Tara, my present gf. I quickly placed Folake on d receiver. Majority carries the vote… She picked it almost immediately.
Folake: Did you do it?
I was like ‘do what’ ‘has she seen it ni’
Will you answer me?
Chai I don die
Me: Baby, s……
She interrupted me
“Dont baby me just answer me, my my God I know dats how u guys behave”
Me: Please hun listen to me, let me explain. I didn’t……
Folake: keep ur explanation to ur self… The call ended and I lost my thoughts almost immediately…
I stood beside the sweating profusely being chased like a file guner. A guy with a pistol.
Stop, please don’t kill me, I didn’t do anything
I pleaded
She unmasked her face and I saw Tara. My eyes could not believe it. “God, Tara don’t do this to me”
Tara: So u think you can cheat on me and go shot fee right…
Me: Tara, please don’t do this. I’m sorry
She just smiled and gave me a bone cracking bullet
I jumped up from my bed only to realize I had been dreaming. I turned and saw Tara…
Tara: Sweetie, how are u doing? Was that a nightmare
Me: No, it was a mare night dream…
Tara: Okay dear, I’m sorry on behalf of my friend… Tinuke says I should beg u.. Please sorry for involving u into this.
Me:….?! Are you serious
Tara: (Rubbing my chest) Yes hun… She said smiling, the same smile she gave me in d dream..
Hope I’m safe o…
To be continued

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