Big Bold And Beautiful – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 12]

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I waited and waited for her reply bt she wasn’t responding. I closed d application and slept off.
In the evening, I decided to go to my friend’s place. Femi, I had a quick bath, called my Bae, bisi and left d house. I took a direct bike to his house.
In few minutes I was there, trust those hausa men now. They are just like private Jets. I alighted and settled d man. I reached down to my pocket and brought out my phone. I unlocked it and dailed femi’s line.
Me: Boss, how far. Where u dey?
Femi: I dey house, you wan come?
Me: Ya, I dey 4 ur compound now. Come open door.
Almost immediately, I heard d iron door creak open. He came out in his shorts. We exchanged handshakes and entered.
Me: Boss, watsup now, wetin person go chop, hunger dey kill me o
Femi: So na food carry u come. Oya carry ur telephone leg commot hai.
Me: Ehn, me telephone leg. Lol sha give me water. He stood up and brought cold water from d fridge. I gisted him about d latest improvement of my relationship wid Folake. He was surprised how I could slip her grip from her bf.
Femi: Wetin come do her bf
Me: O boy forget dat one. He don leave am, but I still dey go steady o. Make I no go flop.
Phone rings
Femi: Ssshh. He took out his phone…… Hello….. Sweetheart how are u…… Wait now, what is d problem….. But I tried ur line, u were not picking up….. Do u think I’m lying…. Okay okay…. Whose no is this…….. Hmmn okay na, see u in d nite… He laughd and place d fone on d table
Me: Who b dat one? Femi: dey cool down na. Ki lo man she e. Na Nike be dat
Me: Wait, do u mean dat girl u talked about, the pastor’s daughter…
Femi: Hey Mr man, don’t open ur yam mouth and say everything na… The wall have ears o
I nodded like a kid with curiosity
Femi: Guess what, I want to have this girl in my bed.
Haha, femi, what if her p man hears abt it.
Femi: That’s if u will tell him.
I tried to like tell him not to have sex with her but he was proving BBT Bigger Boys Things ????.. We talked abt some other things before I left his place…
I got home around 7:30. I quickly prepared Indomie and had a quick bath… I resorted to my cushion and logged in on fb. Folake was online… She had even replied d mssg.
Folake: Well its not like I don’t like u, but I don’t trust boys again
Me: Hope u know that all boys are not d same
Folake: Maybe
Me: I assure you. There are still good ones out there
Folake: Guys like u abi
I guess she had smiled… She logged out later and I went to check my Indomie, almost done.
I called her later dat nite b4 I slept.
Me: Hi Folake mi
Folake: Hello
Me: How is studies??
Folake: will u be serious for once…
I laughed, I was just kidding jare.
I asked her about her day and talks like that. I den settled to tell her how I feel 2wards her. My feelings. Her responses were appalling, I took it as a green button and proposed to her bodly but nicely. She told me she’s gonna sleep over it, I was kind of happy, I ddnt know when she cut d call… I quickly logged in to fb, to my amazement she was offline. I closed down d application and tried 2 catch and tried to catch a nice sleep but it wasn’t forth coming.
I wondered what her response would be tomorrow. I thought and thought till my brain retired work for d day….
To be continued
Hope u guys are loving d story…

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