Big Bold And Beautiful – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 12]

I heard from Bright about the fact that Sina practically wanted me to die from the cancer because i might bring disgrace to the school..He heard them in secret…i was so shocked

“Really??..she said so?”
“I never knew people hate people too much”
I was about to cry
“Don’t cry? Please??” Charisma said
I wiped my tears and rested my head in her shoulder
“She not even compared to how happy you are, she’s just jealous nothing else!” Charisma consoled

My mum came later at night to ensure i was doing well in the hospital.. She brought flowers, food and as well lots of kisses.. I love my mom even if she’s a junk!

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I was doing well with some chemotherapies and counsellings… Hoped i survive this.. My mum prayed with me at times and wished me well.. Charisma and Bright later fell in love, i was so happy my friend found love and wished they lasted long..

4 days to the competition i was discharged for a little while to complete my papers of transfer so i could focus more on my health in the hospital.. Because i had an appointment with the doctor..I came back to school hoping to receive warm welcomes but the reverse was the case..Charisma and Bright were the only ones who surprised me back to school.. Good friends are indeed part of a happy life..

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