Big Bold And Beautiful – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 12]

I went to the nurses bunk and handed some cash.. They all stared at me in amazement then one broke out the silence
“Abeg do reduce.. U no go born with this kind body oo.. U be woman and no tell me say na u save that boy” i kept quiet
“U fit carry yourself at all?.. This kind fat na disease oo” the second nurse said
I felt humiliated instantly… I just left the hospital holding back my tears

On getting home, i saw mum on the sofa crying, she was looking drunk and kept on singing some sorrowful love songs..I walked towards her, she was smelling the reek of alcohol.. I just held her
“Ristabel what have i done to deserve all this from yo father?.. I was a loving wife” i just scoffed silently and she continued
“I have been sending him messages on his mail, and he refused replying.. I want my husband back, is it f**king too much to ask?.. He is probably enjoying the biddings of that Mexican w—e!!”
I just held her tightly with tears dripping from my eyes..i cried silently stroking her hair to sleep…she slept on my shoulder minutes later and i help her unto the sofa resting her head properly, looked at her and said
“Life’s unfair mom”

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5 weeks to the competition, groups were been formed and i summoned enough courage to confront Sina, so i could dance with her unmatchable group.. I saw her flexing her legs preparing to start picking her members, i walked up to her and told her about my intentions of joining her group, all she did was looking at me from my head to my toe and laughed
“Fat Pepperoni ain’t allowed here, i heard your name’s Christabel having the word Christ in it.. But sadly Christ isn’t as fat as you are!” Everyone roared out in laughter
“Tiara i just wanna dance, it doesn’t call for insults”
“Look who’s talking.. She wants to dance..can you lift up your flat ass as mine?” She said tapping her butt
I just walked away while the students kept on laughing.. I ran into the Library.

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