Big Bold And Beautiful – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 12]

“ and my brother uh?” Serena began as
we changed into our swimwear, it’s been two
weeks and I had been having swimming lessons
from Sean, Serena had been in school but this
weekend she was home. I wasn’t so good yet
but I could stay in water and swim at 4ft
“You guys dating yet?” she continued
“Seems to me you guys are”
“Well we not..not yet”
“Because Martin is my boyfriend”I said with a
duh, she scoffed
“So you are using my brother?’
” no..not at all, he’s just teaching me swimming”
“That’s what he told you uh?’
“Serena I know what I’m doing?”why was she
” I’m not gonna push you, but I’m sure you know
what your doing, because he’s soon leaving for
Why was everyone pressuring me, why did she
think I was using her brother, we were friends
and just seeing how it goes, besides it was none
of her business
We went to the pool area, Serena dived in but I
stayed on the chaise, checking my phone
messages as Rachael’s death was still trending,
it was being investigated as everyone who knew
her was being questioned, I felt it was weird as it
was a straight forward case, but her parents
seemed to be influential, the doctor had been
arrested, but I was thinking her boyfriend should
be the first to be arrested..My phone started
ringing, it was Martin, rolling my eyes I cut, he
called again, I decided to pick
“Why haven’t you been picking my calls? got
me all worried”
“I’m fine” I paused”I just needed time to think ”
“You needed two weeks to think?, you are never
in your hostel, I’ve been looking for you all over,
where are you? are you with him?”
Had he been stalking my room
“What did you want?”
“Are you cheating on me?”
“” Why would he think that “I just, I’m
just confused”
“Let’s see tomorrow, we can talk about it ”
“You are around?” why was he around?
” yeah”
“Well why you around?”
He paused “I was called to the station about
“Can we just see and talk?”
“I can’t..” I saw Sean coming towards the pool
“What do you mean you can’t.. I want to see you,
you are my girlfriend, why you doing this?”
“Martin, you’re shouting” why was he shouting
Sean sat on the other chaise, took up a drink and
“you are with another man and i should’nt shout?
Are yo sleeping with him?”
“What no..” At this point I wanted to cut the call
but decided to be civil
“You are a s–t, you know that..” he was saying
when I cut, nursing my headache
I took a deep breathe..he just called me a s–t
“lover boy”Sean teased
“He just wants to know if I’m fine”I dismissed
“Yeah I guess, don’t let him get to you”he said
” I’m alright…I have to see him”I said
He looked at me”why?. Except you’re breaking
up there’s no reason to”
“He’s still my boyfriend”
He stared at me “yeah..guess he is”
He stood up to join his sister, I sat there and
thought about Martin, feeling it was my fault he
was acting that way, I would be angry too if it
was in reverse situation, but why was he called,
was he in trouble, I decided to let it all go as I
stood up and went into the pool.
The next day, Serena and I swam alone
“I’m sorry for the way I sounded earlier, I just
want you to make the right decision, you
obviously love my brother very much” She said
as we reclined on the pool wall
“Yeah I do” I admitted to her, she giggled
” So you can say I’m the perfect matchmaker”
“More of an evil schemer” I said, she laughed out
then “See if you can catch me”
Sean had gone to attend to some business, when
he returned he joined us in the pool, and I
continued my lessons. We joked and laughed
around with Serena until she made a phone call,
talking to a guy, I haven’t met him yet but with
the blush on her face, I knew she was serious
about him. I was glad she moved on fast and
teased her about it, she chuckled and she said
she had to go
“Where you going?”
“Have to meet up with someone..besides I can’t
be a third wheel”, she said as she left the pool,
glancing at Sean I knew she was scheming
again, I hated her so much, but loved her
anyway. I practised my strokes while he made a
call, he was quiet when he finished
” What is it?”I asked then swam to where he
was, he stretched his hand and touched my hair
“Are you okay?”I asked
“Yeah…just spoke with my travel agent”
“My flight’s booked for Saturday”
“What..” I felt I had more time
“Yeah..thought we had more time”
I was silent as the pressure built on me, he
stared at me
“I want to know if there’s a reason for me to
stay”he said
“You can stay because of your family”
“No..everyone has their life..I wana start mine
with you”
I was silent “you can’t just stay because I want
you to?”I asked
He held my face “no..that’s not something to
hold on to”he kissed me and I kissed him back
with fervor, because I loved him very much but I
needed time, I needed to settle whatever it was
with Martin physically, plus the fact he wasn’t a
christian held me back, how do I show him to my
He stayed me..I felt guilty, like I was using him
“Emilia…you’re driving me so crazy, I think I
deserve a yes..” he paused “or a no, I’ve waited
too long”
I stared at him and my lips shook, I wanted to
cry because I was about to say something stupid
again .
“I need time” I said “by the end of the week, I
promise” I needed to see my Dad and tell him
the truth, I needed to break up with Martin..
“Okay..” he said “I ll wait”
I got back to my room and discovered Rebecca
was not indoors, sighing I went about changing, I
heard a sound
“Rebecca?” I called, She was supposed to be
back from church, wondering where she went , I
decided to have my bath, I came out and
dressed up….
Suddenly I knew he was there as I heard
I didn’t want to turn… but I did.
*comments..who do you think is there in her
room?what would happen next?

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