Big Bold And Beautiful – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 12]

“Because we are fat we can’t help or be helped?” I said deep within me
They took the boy and went in.. I returned back to the bus and i had already gotten a nickname from the students, it was “FP” meaning “FAT PEPPERONI”
They continued shouting it and making fun of it ..I picked a seat at the back and bent down my head, crying silently
“I must surprise this kids!” I boldly said to myself with confidence
The driver came back in and drove off

School was hectic though..much annoying classes and more annoying teachers with dumb kids.. More bullying gosh!!

Months went by and the bullying continued..i got more used to it.. But deep down i was depressed, i never knew how to tackle the situation.. Should i tell my junky mom or should i keep it within

I decided on keeping it within.. And live on with it

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The bells out rang for morning announcement.
And the principal was ready to address us about the Dancing competition coming up and some due amounts awarded to the winners
“Each group needs about 4 members.. Presenting of any song is acceptable” the principal said joyfully
The students were amazed and hoped on the popular girl in school called “Tiara” or her Igbo name “Mmasinachi” or popularly called “Sina”.. She has won so many prices for the school and was named a dance Goddess after ‘Kafi”… I loved her moves though, i looked towards her position and she felt praised by her friends..fat me i couldn’t do anything not to talk of dancing, i was practically ashamed of my body
“So start working out your bodies and don’t end up being Christabel!” The school roared into a great laughter..
I was totally embarrassed ..students pointed at me and said all miserable stuff.. I just bowed my head low

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I went back to the hospital to keep in touch with the wounded boy after school.. He was really unconscious, i just sat close to him and prayed a little for his quick recovery before i left..

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