Big Bold And Beautiful – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 12]

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Few weeks after returning from the trip to the village for the burial, everything has returned back to how it used to be. They have all moved on with their lives pretending like nothing out of the ordinary happened in the village, Except for Ejiro who was still baffled and finding it hard to move on without someone that she regarded has a friend, someone more than a friend to her. She hadn’t spoken to Ben ever since their return, since she was now certain that he’s dumped her for Anne. On the contrary she has been getting closer to Isaac ever since their journey back from the trip, their friendship has been getting stronger than it was before. Most times they talk on phone, sometimes he visits.
Ben on the other hand has been preoccupied with his love for Anne, they were gradually taking their relationship to the next level. Ever since Anne returned from the village, he has been staying at her place and they were literally living as couple. Everything’s going on cool with them except for the visions they see anytime they kiss. The most remarkable one that occurred was the one that occurred last night, Anne just came out of the shower and had a very short white towel wrapped around her. Ben who was busy with his phone couldn’t concentrate on what he was busy with anymore, his eyes were fixed on the fresh laps revealed by the short towel wrapped around her. He was still picturing her without the towel when she actually untied the towel and let it slip away, he’d always fantasised about seeing her Unclad but he didn’t think her body will be this hot and Sexy, it was like he was staring right into the body of a goddess. His brain thought about it, his little soldier responded and his feet reacted, he gradually walked towards her and placed his hands on her breasts, he fumbled it and then stuffed it in his mouth, he kissed her on the neck and was gradually moving to the lips but he thought about the visions and flashes. He returned his mouth back to her breast and kept on suckling it, she began to moan softly, she was beginning to enjoy it, she felt his cold tongue on her breast and it felt so great. She put her hands round his face and raised his head to kiss him, he didn’t want to kiss her but he didn’t know how to go about it without sounding rude or offending her. Their lips intertwined, he was cautious at first, scared of seeing those horrifying visions but after a while that they have been kissing and the visions didn’t pop in, he gave the kiss his all, in no time he was kissing her passionately while his hand was locating it’s way into her womanliness, he finally navigated his hand there and felt the wetness, Just as he was about to insert his hands inside of her, the vision popped in and before a twinkle of an eye, he blacked out.
“What actually happened last night baby” Ben asked Anne who’s busy watching one of her favourite telenovelas on telemundo. He very well knew she doesn’t like being distracted or disturbed anytime she was watching but he didn’t have much of a choice than to ask her.
“Babe can we talk about that later please” she replied with eyes still focused on the TV
“Okay if you think this telemundo thing is more important than me then it’s alright” he said with a very serious tone.
“Okay Okay” she picked up the remote and switched of the TV. “What’s your question again” she asked
“What happened last night while we were making out” he replied
“I should be the one asking you, one minute we were kissing and the next minute you passed out, I was actually very scared and thought about the worst, then you started speaking gibberish but you were still unconscious”
“Gibberish, what was I really saying”
“You were calling some funny names, some local names like that, I really can’t remember the names” said Anne
“You can’t remember any of the names I was calling” he questioned her and starred at her like she was lying to him or hiding something
“There was this one you kept on repeating and repeating, I think it is errmmmm” she raised her head like she was trying to revive her memory and remember the name. After thinking about it for a long time, the name popped into her head.
“Omolabake” they both chorused .
It was past midnight when Isaac started hearing the voice again, voice popping out of his head, he wassn’t as bothered as he was the very first day the voice spoke. It was just a few days after they returned from the village, Ben had practically moved to Anne’s apartment, he only comes here once in a while. He was trying to read for the exams that’s coming up in a matter of months, it wasn’t really easy reading alone because he’s used to reading together with Ben so he tried to make it easier by inserting his handsfree in his ears and grounded his favourite song ‘Ojumo by Asa. He was beginning to get into the vibe and the book he was studying when he heard a voice call his name, he removed the handsfree from his ears to ascertain if someone just called him or not, after few seconds when he didn’t hear nothing, he inserted the handsfree back into his ear and then the voice called his name again. He removed the earpiece again and waited for few minutes but nothing happened, the compound was as silent as a graveyard. He plugged the earpiece back and then he heard the voice again, he pretended like he didn’t hear it and then the voice spoke once more.
“Isaac can you hear me” the voice said
He didn’t know what to do, is he supposed to reply the voice or just run away he thought.
“I am sure you can hear me” the voice said again
“Yes I can hear you, who are you “he replied barely audibly
“Am glad you can hear me after all these years, you used to hear me when you were a kid but all of a sudden, a barricade was placed between us”
“I don’t understand what you are saying, I can’t remember hearing any strange voice when I was little, what are you talking about ” Isaac inquired
“I know you can’t remember but someday soon, you will recall everything vividly”
“Please who are you” Isaac asked with a frightened voice
“I am Babatunji” the voice replied.
to be continued….

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