Big Bold And Beautiful – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 12]

“Welcome back to provenance ” the chief priest said.
They were all stunned by what he just said. They didn’t know if he was referring to Ben or Isaac but certainly he was addressing one of them because he still kept his eyes on both of them.
“Greetings to you sir” Isaac managed to say after recovering from the shock.
“I think you are making a mistake sir, we are just strangers here and we have never been here before” he continued.
“The gods make no mistakes, in due time you will understand all that seem to be puzzled to you” the priest cuts in and immediately walked away.
Few minutes after he had left, they were all still in shock, there was silence all over until Ben stood up.
“Guys let’s leave this place right now” he said and beckoned on the palmwine seller to come get her money. They all got into the car and drove to where Miss Anne prepared for them to stay.
The ceremony had come and gone, it was indeed a very great one. Great politicians were there, top class musicians also graced the occasion. Different types of magazines came to cover the event, the students and lecturers were baffled about who Anne’s father really was but when they realised he was the renowned Chief Ola Daniels, they didn’t probe further. His name alone speaks a million words, he was the former Chief Judge of the federation, he was a very indeed a very influential man.
The highlight of the event was the part whereby some strange strange looking appeared in a very strange way and dressed in a very strange attire. They came to take the body of the deceased claiming he was one of them when he was alive and that his soul belongs to them. Everyone including the deceased family ran into hiding when the strange looking men arrived at the event. Just some few close friends of the deceased came out and engaged in a little argument with the strange looking people, the argument took a very long time but at the end it seemed they reached an agreement.
The men performed some spiritual rites on corpse and then returned in the strange way in which they arrived. Everything had to be hastened up, the body was lowered and the event was over. The fear of what happened during the burial ceremony motivated the students and staff to decide on embarking on the journey back to school immediately after the event, they decided to take a night journey back to Abuja.
Ben decided to follow them back to school because Anne had to partake in some family meeting and rites. She tried convincing him to wait so they could return together but Ben couldn’t wait to leave that village with all the strange things that happened. Ranging from the strange man who came to meet them at the palmwine’s shop to the strange men that came to the burial ceremony.
It’s really weird to Ben and Isaac that throughout their stay in the village, Ejiro and Clarieta avoided them completely, they were both around the guys that came together with them from school all through. Ejiro was always flirting around Seyyid, one would actually believe they’re dating but Ben was sure she was just doing that to get back at him and make him jealous.
It was barely an hour that they started the journey before the driver noticed something wasn’t right with the bus, he parked to check and found out that the rare tyres were both flat. If it was only one tyre they would have managed it to an open place that is much safer but two tyres is really not manageable so they had to change the tyres right in the middle of the thick forest. It was pretty much risky but it’s even more riskier to travel with two flat tyres.
The boys dropped down to assist the driver while the girls were standingby, gisting about what happened during the ceremony. They were still struggling with removing the first tyre when Clarieta dropped excused herself from the girls and approached where the guys were fixing the tyres.
“Isaac can you please walk me down a bit, I want to ease myself but am scared” she said
He was surprised and baffled, how come she is asking him to follow her, why him, she has ignored him all through their stay, why didn’t she ask those guys she was mingling with all through.
“Alright” Isaac said and followed her.
He really didn’t know what was happening, he wanted to turn down her request but he couldn’t, he didn’t even know why he was following her, he wanted to turn back but he couldn’t. They kept on walking until the bus was out of sight, Clarieta pulled down her trousers and her panties respectively therefore revealing all there is to see, she moved closer to Isaac and then took his hand to her womanhood, he tried all his possible best to resist her but he couldn’t. The next minute they were kissing already, his hand in her puna, his trousers and boxers were down already. Just like magic, he was inside of her already, the deed has been done. Clarieta’s mission has been accomplished already.
As soon as they were done, Isaac fainted. Clarieta was expecting that to happen already, she dressed up and then shouted for help. They heard her voice from where the bus was parked and immediately they all rushed to where the voice was coming from.
“I was right there urinating when I heard him screaming, I don’t know what happened to him” she was shouting behind the guys that carried Isaac and rushed out to where the bus was parked.
They laid him down just beside the bus, the guys scanned through his body to see if he was bitten by a snake or another animal. They couldn’t find anything, Ben checked his pulse and realised it was really weak.
They didn’t know what to do, the screaming girls didn’t help them think straight, Clarieta was crying out so loudly, Ejiro was holding her back, there was so much noise around. It was already past midnight, the forest around them was so thick, if they wanted to run back to Anne’s house, it would take forever and if they were to finish up with changing the tyres, he might be dead by then.
Ben knelt down beside him thinking of what and how he could save his best friend’s life. Suddenly the screaming increased, some of them ran into the bus, some ran into the bush. Ben turned around to see what was scaring them away, he was afraid when he saw someone in an all white attire, in the middle of a thick bush at this time of the night. He wanted to run but then he remembered he had seen the person before.
“It’s the same man that came to meet us at the palmwine’s shop, the one that the palmwine seller addressed as the chief priest” he said barely audibly.

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to be continued…

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