Big Bold And Beautiful – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 12]

The next day was a Saturday, the guys got up quite early to do some house cleaning, cooked and did some laundry, by the time they finished it was noon already.
‘Guy make we go watch ball for viewing centre na’ Ben.
‘I no go jaare I wan rest’ Isaac replied.
Ben left noticing that he was really in a bad mood, he called few of their neighbours and they went together.
Isaac tried sleeping but he couldn’t with everything happening around him, he was wondering who the girls really are, he was checking the possibilities of how dangerous they could be due to the stern warning his parents gave him on phone the other day.
Many things were running through his mind hence he couldn’t sleep and then there was a knock on the door, he opened the door and almost decided to close it back when he saw who was at the door.
“I saw the message you sent last night about breaking up with me, you wanna talk about it ? ” said Clarieta.
She was looking astonishingly beautiful, she was putting on a short yellow top which enabled her flat and fresh tummy to be revealed without stress, and a blue skirt that will pass for a micro-mini short.
Her hips were so conspicuous, Isaac couldn’t take his eyes of her, he forgot they were still standing at the door and when it looked like he wouldn’t invite her inside, she shoved him aside and went in.
Isaac’s mind was as confused as the legs of a tailor, a part of him wanted to tell her to leave and another part wanted to kiss and eat her raw.
The latter won, he slammed the door and clicked it behind and in a split second he was all over her like a plague, he kissed her passionately and she kissed him back, Isaac has never been so engrossed in to kissing and romancing like this before.
In just a little time they were stark Unclad, Isaac is about to get inside her, she was smiling a little outside and really loud inside, all she just needed is for him to get inside of her.
He wanted to stop but he couldn’t, the sexual urge was pushing him and just as the tip of his little soldier was about to enter her reception, he started hearing voices, the same voices he was hearing in the river, he became a little bit unconscious.
Clarieta wondering why he stopped, she pulled him closer but the voice kept ringing in his head, the voices were shouting his name, for a second he thought he was running mad.
He was brought back to reality by his ringing phone. He rushed to where the phone was and picked the call
“Hello Dad” ……
“Hello my son, start praying immediately against foul spirits, take your bible and read some psalms, there’s a spiritual battle going on, pray my son” ………
“Okay dad”…… was all he managed to say.
It took him few minutes to understand what just happened, he was about to have sex with a girl he thought was evil and dangerous and thanks to the voices in his head that distracted him and then again his father called him to start praying, all these in such a short while.
How did he even allow this devil to enter his house he asked himself.
‘Clarieta you must leave right now ‘he said almost shouting at the girl who was still looking at him seductively.
She reluctantly stood and dressed up, and just as she was about to leave, she went closer to him.
“Let’s see how long you gonna keep running! You are mine and mine alone” said Clarieta as she stepped out.
He started praying immediately……..
“Nna see that extra minutes goal wey that ewu Yaya toure go score na…. the idiot kan put us for Last minute pressure”….
“O boy na arsenal dey top table now, make we just win this trophy after all these years na”…..
Ben and his friends just finished the match and it was a good one for him because Arsenal won Manchester city by 2 goals to 1. Ben has always been a die hard arsenal fan and is really very happy about the win, he was about to contribute his quota to the argument when his phone rang, he brought it out and saw the caller, Anne…
“Hello Miss Anne, how are you” ….
“Am good, you sound really happy”…..
“Yes I am happy, my club just won a delicate match”….
“Really you mind coming to tell me about it” …..
“Tell you, Where are you” …..
“Right behind you”….
(he looked back and when he saw a red camry pencil behind him, he realised it was her)
He hung up, told his friends that he will meet them at home and walked back to where she was thanking God in his mind that he had freshened up and dressed well to the viewing centre unlike somedays where he would dress shabbily looking as rough as possible. He was putting on his traditional red arsenal jersey, customised with his name and his favourite player’s number 17 which belongs to Alexis Sanchez .
‘What are you doing in my area’ he asked as he sat on the seat beside her.
‘Is that how to say hello to a friend ‘she replied.
He smiled and scanned through her body, she was looking as beautiful as always, just that she looked prettier in a casual dressing.
‘I was just bored at home and I decided to come pick you up so you could keep my company ‘she continued, ‘Or are you busy’.
“Busy? Nope am not, it’s fine” said Ben.
They rode to her house discussing a whole lot of things and when they got into her estate, He was surprised how an ordinary student could afford an apartment in an Estate where only top working class people live, he tried to conceal his amazement. They drove for a little while from the gate to her house, shortly after they pulled up infront of a beautiful building which obviously was her house, they talked more far a while after which they decided to go inside, as he was about drop, she pulled him back.
‘Quick question, Do you have a girlfriend ‘ she asked.
He was taken back by the question, he thought round n round, what if he says yes and she just orders him to leave her house or what If he says No and then she finds out later, she might even fail him in her course out of anger, but truly failing the course is not the bone of contention here, it’s like he is in love with her.
‘Yes I have a girlfriend ‘he replied expecting her to be surprised or angry.
‘I thought you were going to lie, I already did my findings and I know you are dating a girl named Ejiro’she said smiling.
Ben took a deep breath and was glad he passed the first test …

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to be continued..

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