Big Bold And Beautiful – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 12]

Everyone in the room was shocked at the question Ben just asked Clarieta, even Clarieta herself didn’t see the question coming hence didn’t do well in hiding her shock also.
“I am Clarieta Ozabereme from Edo state, I am the first child of 3 kids, I am just a girl who is supernaturally awesome and kinda weird. I do many weird things that some people will tag as unusual, some people believe there is more to me than meet the eyes but overall I am fun to be with because am a talkative, have I answered your question” she said.
Ben who was able to read between the lines of what she said just faked a smile and nodded in confirmation, he was able to note the terms she used about being supernatural and that there is more to her than meet the eyes. The game continued, on and on but it wasn’t as interesting as it was when it started, Ben and Isaac kept looking at each other at interval, seems Isaac is also aware of what just transpired between Ben and Clarieta.
He must have heard the ‘there’s more to me than meet the eyes’ part quite loudly too. Ejiro was the only one who read no special meaning to what just happened or maybe she was just acting like she didn’t.. they played the game for a while until the boys decided to leave for their house.
Due to their drunkenness, they decided to walk home just to be able to clear their eyes a little.
“Isaac what do you think about Clarieta’s answer to the question I asked her”.
“It was so vague yet so clear, that girl is really very smart, I think it’s high time I ended the relationship between us, my parents called me earlier today and warned me about knowing the people I mingle with” Isaac replied.
Ben was about to reply him when a car just parked by their side. They waited for the person in the car to roll down, and then they heard that tiny angelic voice.
“Where are you guys off to” Anne.
‘Oh we we are going home’ Ben replied stammering.
‘You mind if I drop you guys’ she asked smiling.
‘No problem ‘they chorused.
They rode silently and they only spoke whenever they wanted to inform her of when and where to turn, as soon as they got to their gate, Isaac alighted and thanked her for the ride.
‘Thanks for the ride, we really appreciate ‘Ben.
“Ohh come of it, I should be the one thanking you for the words of encouragement you said to me earlier today, it really was really helpful” said Anne.
Ben just smiled and held her hands like they were some really close friends.
‘You mind if I get your number so we could chat and call you to know when you get home’ he asked.
‘Ohh it’s no problem’ she replied, they exchanged contacts and then he dropped from the car, he waited for her to drive out of sight before walking inside.

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**Unknown time**

“It’s a sacrifice of life and only a life could be sacrificed for a life, so are you willing to sacrifice yours for hers” said the chief priest.
Everybody was keen to know what Ajadi’s decision will be, they were anticipating his reply but instead he stood up and moved closely to the chief priest.
‘How much time do we have left’ he asked almost whispering.
‘She is dying already, there’s no time at all, you must reach a decision right now’ chief priest
He walked away from the chief priest to where Adisa was.
“Adisa my friend, you are more than a friend to me, you are my brother and now as a brother I ask you to take care of my wife and kid as if they are yours, take care of them just as I would have cared for them my brother, please can you do that for me” He asked while kneeling on one knee in front of Adisa.
Adisa knelt down on one knee too and they shook hands in the warriors way.
“Ajadi igo Omo Balogun, I vow on my life that I will protect and take care of them more than you would have done” he replied and drew him up, they hugged for what seemed like a very long period of time and then untangled.
“Ajadi walked back to the priest, you may proceed” he said and knelt down in front of him.
The chief priest started reciting some incantations and then brought his staff to Ajadi’s head, he continued with his incantations slowly and steadily.
The chief priest is really a man of age, he had grey hair all over his head and beards, he obviously can’t walk again without the aid of his staff.
While all these was happening, someone had already went ahead to inform Ajadi’s family who were absent from his marriage rites about what was happening at the village square. Ajadi’s father had ordered all of his family not to step foot in his marriage, but when they heard about what he was about to do, his mother and sister defiled the order and ran as fast as their legs could take them, his father also reluctantly followed them even though it wasn’t a thing of pride to go against his own order but he had to do it for his only son, his pride and joy.
After running for a while, his mother and sister got to the village square closely followed by his father, by this time the sacrifice had already been completed, he was already breathing heavily. When he saw his family, he couldn’t help but cry, his mother and sister ran to him, his mother held his head in her arms.
Mother forgive me, I know this wasn’t how it was supposed to end, I love you mother, I love you sister and father please forgive me, what better way to die than to die for love. If war couldn’t take my life then am glad love did, I love you all was the last word he struggled to say and then he took his last breath.
His mother and sister cried like mad women, his father couldn’t help it also, he shed a tear or two and then ordered some youth to pick up his corpse.
The whole village wept, they just lost their greatest warrior.
He didn’t die fighting a war, he died fighting for love, everyone cried.
A little while after he died, Omolabake came back to life and when she realised that Ajadi died in her stead…. She lost her senses or maybe that’s just what the villagers thought because she insisted she was seeing Ajadi.
That he is even talking to her, she was smiling and talking back to him, some people believed that she was really seeing him while some believed that she was mad. Nobody was really sure of what really happened to her.
Was she mad or was she seeing him for real ?

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to be continued…

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