Big Bold And Beautiful – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 12]

During one of Miss Anne’s numerous group discussion, Ben is looking as unconcerned as he could be.
He is seriously trying to keep away from Clarieta but the group thing wouldn’t allow him keep total distance, he tried to keep his distance from Miss Anne also because of what happened the other day in her office when they shook hands, even though in reality the handshake didn’t last for more than 5 seconds but to him, it lasted for a long time, he saw flashes, more like visions.
At first he thought it was one of his fantasies about Anne but this time, it was different.
He really couldn’t make sense out of all he was seeing because they were blurry, it has happened a couple of times after the first handshake, it happens anytime they shake hands.
For this reason he has decided to pull out of the group but he hasn’t find the courage to walk up to Miss Anne to inform her about his decision.
As soon as they were done, the three other guys left while Ben stayed requesting to speak with Anne.
“Please be brief, we have to be in class right this minute” Anne said
trying to sound as formal as possible, her crush on Ben has kept on increasing day after day, if only Ben could see through her and see how she is melting right now just because she is alone with him.
“I just wanted to tell you that I am pulling out of this group for personal reasons” He said with a straight face.
“Okay can we talk about this after class” she asked.
“Yeah it’s okay then” he replied.
They both walked side by side into the class, Ben Carried some of her textbooks for her, he dropped the textbooks on the front desk and walked to his seat.
Ejiro was staring at both of them as they both walked in like married couples, there was jealousy written alll over her face, Ben noticed but he couldn’t care less what she thinks.
Ever since him and Isaac have been noticing some strange characters in the girls, the love they had for them has been gradually decreasing which really makes them wonder if they even ever loved them or what they felt were just pure infatuations.
Ben and Isaac are now sitting together like they used to before the emergence of the girls into their lives while Ejiro and Clarieta were sitting right behind them, everything was just not going on well, even the aura in the class doesn’t seem right.
It’s just like everyone in the class were in a bad mood, Miss Anne noticed this also so she made her lecture as brief as possible, she rounded up and left the class.
“Guys we have to talk” Ejiro addressing the four of them, none of them replied instead Ben just stood up and left the class.
He went straight into Miss Anne’s office, he was prepared to stay adamant on his decision to quit the group thing only to get into the office to see Miss Anne crying.
“Excuse me Miss, what’s wrong, why are you crying” He asked .
“I am fine, I am not crying “she replied trying to wipe her face and pose like nothing is wrong.
‘No no you can’t tell me that you are just crying for no reason, you can talk to me” he said and moved closer to her.
“Ben my father is dying, the doctor said he has only few months to live” she bursted out loudly and was now crying uncontrollably.
Ben didn’t know what to do, he just held her in her arms like a crying baby. She buried her head in his arms and almost cried her eyes out.
Ben did all his possible best to stop her from crying, he told her some encouraging words and they worked wonders, she laughed a little to some jokes Ben cracked, In a short while she started smiling.
“Thank you very much Ben, you are really a good person. So why is it you wanted to pull out of the group, let’s be brief because I have another class in an hour’s time and I have to prepare” she said.
“Oh that, never mind, we will talk about that some other time” He said and made for the door.
As he was about to step out, she called him back.
“Ben I really wish you don’t pull out of the group” she said with the face of an innocent kid.
He just smiled and closed the door behind. He embarked on the path that led to the class but was called by Isaac.
He turned back and saw Isaac, Elo and Clarieta under a tree.
He approached them and said hi, he was now smiling sheepishly, he doesn’t even know why he is smiling , maybe because of the way he was able to help a depressed soul or the way he held Anne in his hands, it was just like he had pictured it in his fantasies, or maybe he is now in love with Anne.
“We have decided to go and have a discussion at our house, we really need to know what’s happening between us four, what do you say” said Ejiro.
“It looks like you all have already decided so why should I be the odd one out, as long as you will cook that special type of noodles for me” he replied and pecked Ejiro on her cheek.
She was surprised because he hadn’t done that for days , if not weeks now but she didn’t show her surprise.
After eating the noodles together, Clarieta suggested that they should drink some alcohols, they kept on drinking until they were all tipsy and then Isaac suggested they play the spin the bottle game.
“The rule is simple, who ever the bottle point in his or her direction will be asked a question by the person sitting next to him or her” Isaac explained.
Immediately Ejiro brought the bottle of the drink they just had to the center, they were all sitting on the rug in a circular position.
Ejiro spinned the bottle and it stopped pointing towards Ben, she was so happy because it was a golden opportunity for her.
“Ben do you still love me” she asked.
For a minutes Ben thought about telling her that he is not really sure about how he feels for her anymore but he looked into her eyes and realised he couldn’t hurt her like that.
“Definitely baby I still love you just like I have always loved you from the beginning” Ben replied.
She jumped on him and kissed him.
It was Isaac’s turn to spin which he did, the bottle stopped pointing towards Clarieta and Ben’s the one sitting next to her which means he is the one to ask her a question.
“Clarieta who are you” Ben asked…
to be continued….

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