Big Bold And Beautiful – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 12]

So much time has passed but the lovebirds didn’t realise it, the love has blinded them so much they didn’t know exam is just around the corner.
Nothing much has happened except for the group lovers coming and going to visit each other, going to some cool spots to hangout, going to classes and leaving classes together, they were all so in love one couldn’t tell who is in love the most and the least.
Isaac and Ben also saw their relationship like the video game they play, it was like a competition for them. If Isaac should buy a pair of shoes for Clarieta today, Ben will buy for Ejiro tomorrow, if Ben should buy chocolate for Ejiro today, Isaac will buy for Clarieta tomorrow but the truth of the matter is they love those pretty girls and the girls love em back.
They enjoyed every tiny bit of the sweet part of their relationships just as if they knew the bitter part was gonna come at the end.
It all started on the day of their first paper, the whole class is so silent you would think there was nobody there whereas people are in there but are only busy with their exam.
Some trying to crack their skull to remember what they read, some trying to remember what the lecturer said when he was teaching the topic because they didn’t write it down.
Some are just there waiting for a miracle to happen and the intelligent ones are done writing already, the circle of intelligent ones fortunately includes Ben, Isaac, Ejiro and Clarieta, only God knows if they really wrote the right thing because none of them really studied for the exam, they have been done writing for a while, they were only winking and making gestures at each other.
Clarieta signaled to them that they should go and submit but they refused, more like they were enjoying the atmosphere in the class because it was so serene .
Clarieta stood up and submitted hers which left the boys with no option than to go submit because they know what Clarieta will do to them if they keep her waiting, they both stood up and submitted, and now they are waiting outside for Ejiro.
She reluctantly stood up to go submit, one would think she was actually craving for attention as usual, she is regarded as the mourinho of their class because she always wants to be the highlight of the class everyday, but this case was different, she was actually feeling weak, she couldn’t really say for sure what is wrong with her.
She got to the front desk and submitted.
Just as she was about to take another step, she fell down unconsciously and ……………
***Unknown time***

It is now almost 2 full moons that Ajadi has been staying with Labake, their love is now the talk of the town, many people still claimed that Ajadi is under a spell, some people said what he feels for the girl is true love while some people just chose to ignore the matter.
Ajadi and Labake are coming back from the stream and they seem to be having the time of their lives, the joy on their faces cannot be over emphasised. It is now a daily routine to wake in the morning, cook together, fetch firewood together, fetch water together, and do all sort of things together like real and best couples.
Ajadi has no more friends or family except for Labake, the last time he went to the palmwine hut, everybody ran away from him including the palmwine seller, ever since then he has promised not to go there again.
The whole village ignored and stayed away from them like plague, none of these affected Ajadi because to him Omolabake is worth all the troubles and even more, he was truly in love. Nothing in this world could stop his love for Labake, not even after what Labake told her the other day.

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*flashback to the day Labake fainted*

“Labake what do you mean I Should ask you who you are, are you truly what people say you are, all those things they said about you, are they all true” Said Ajadi.
Yes they are true but not all, it’s true that I am an Emere’ Labake was about to continue but Ajadi cuts in.
“Please say no more, I don’t want to listen to any of that, I don’t believe in such and even if it’s true, I really don’t care, I love you regardless of who and what you are” he said.
As soon as he was done talking, he kissed her and went out.
Later that night, Ajadi came inside and met Labake serving his food, he was so happy because he was really hungry.
He ate to his satisfaction and by the way he devoured the food, you wouldn’t need to ask him if the meal was sumptuous. Labake served him water and knelt down in front of him.
“Ohh what a wonderful choice have made, this woman is a real definition of a virtuous woman” he said in his mind.
I didn’t kill my mother, sister and brothers but my friends did’ Labake started.
My friends in the spiritual realm, the ones that always sing and dance with me all those times you saw me dancing alone.
They realised I was beginning to love my mother and siblings and so they decided to kill them because they knew if I love anyone on this earth, it won’t be easy to leave the earth at my appointed time.
“And when is your appointed time” Ajadi asked.
It was supposed to be on the eve of my 21st birthday, but since that day wasn’t a day of joy to me or anyone around me, they decided to leave me. They can only take me away on a day of joy’ She replied. That is why am scared Ajadi, I don’t want them to kill you because of me.
“Does that mean you are beginning to love me” he asked.
She didn’t reply, only covered her face with her hands to signify that she was shy.
Ajadi jumped with joy, he was so happy, he kissed her and one thing led to another, you know the rest.

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***flashback’s over ***

They got home with almost half of the water they both fetched because they were busy playing, chatting, running after each other on their way back home.
Ajadi dropped his calabash and helped Labake drop hers when she immediately ran to a corner to vomit.
He rushed to her and gave her some water to rinse her mouth and wash her face with.
“Labake that’s the third one this morning, what is wrong with you” said Ajadi .
“I think I am ermmmm, errmmm pregnant” She stuttered actually expecting Ajadi to get angry, flair up and abandon her but there was a swollen silence, none of them moved or talked and all of a sudden he swept her from the floor into his arms.
‘Blessed be the gods, I will be a father, yees yees’ Ajadi shouted at the top of his voice.
Labake was just laughing like an innocent small girl who’s been swung by her father, Ajadi was so happy.
Little did he know that his joy will be shortlived by the spiritual forces.

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