Big Bold And Beautiful – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 12]

Amidst TemptationAmidst Temptation

Amidst Temptation


Waking up was one thing and getting up from
bed was another. I laid in bed staring at the
minute hand of the clock, it was Saturday
Morning and I took it upon myself to lazy around
in bed. When I heard the familiar bell, I knew it
was time to get up for the Morning devotion that
was routine in my house, catching a yawn I made
my way to the sitting room to join the rest of my
family in prayers unto God. My Elder Sister Erica
had wrapped herself in a blanket with a huge
frown on her face, She wasn’t one to enjoy
anything Christian and I smiled to myself at the
thought, My eldest brother David was no
different as he tried in vain to keep his eyes
open while muttering an occasional “Amen” to
the prayers being said and my younger sister
Janet was fast asleep as my father prayed for
Nigeria. I finally shut my eyes and said grace as
the prayers came to an end.

I belonged to a Christian Family and we usually
started the day with a Morning devotion involving
all Family members…even though some of my
Siblings had a huge problem with it…
“Oh god thank God that’s over” Erica exclaimed
standing up with a stretch, My mother gave her a
look She ignored as She made her way back to
her room to put on Rihanna music as was her
routine. Every other member of the family went
about their business, my mother to the kitchen
with me following.

We live in Benin City, Edo state Nigeria…Rever
end Paul Badmus is my Father..he is a part-time
pastor at the redeemed church as well as a
lawyer, Mrs Bridget Badmus My Mother is a
nurse working at the University Teaching
hospital, My eldest brother David, 25 years old
just finished from law school and was home
before he got a job, My Sister Erica, 23 years old
was in her final year in the university studying
Accounting, I turned 21 a month ago and was in
my third year in the University studying Medicine,
my kid sister Janet, just 8 years old, was in
primary three at the University Staff
School…don’t ask me about the discrepancies in
age..guess my parents forgot to use protection…

“What’s for breakfast?” I asked my mother
“Bread and fry the eggs” She replied..I
went about doing as I was told. We were pretty
average in riches, I wouldn’t say we were poor
neither were we rich but we were comfortable.
We lived in a three bedroom rented apartment in which I shared a room with my elder Sister. We
had been on holidays and school was to resume
next week, I couldn’t wait.

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I sat on my bed reading a book.”The Confident
Woman” by Joyce Meyer, now she was one of
my mentors and I had read most of her books..
My sister Erica did her pedicure on her own bed.

Our room was a typical girls room, pink in colour
and with all the things a normal room should
have but I was the bookworm because most of
the books on our large bookshelf belonged to
me..I hoped to have my own library when I had
my own sister interrupted my thoughts
when she suddenly asked
“Ain’t you confident?”

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I looked up and it took me a moment to realise
my sister was speaking to me
“Why you reading about how to be confident?”
She continued
“Well cos..cos. Its a good book should read
My sister tsked” you just like reading”
“Its one of my hobbies yes..”

“ just extremely boring that’s all” I
glared at her as she stood up to Inspect her wasn’t the first time she d called me
that..boring..I kept my book aside as I replied her
“Just because I don’t lead your lifestyle doesn’t
make me boring”

“Hm..fiesty..let me see do you listen to hiphop?”
“No..I don’t like it”
“Do you go out for parties”
“ has to be Godly”
“Erica don’t..”

“Do you have a boyfriend?” She asked..I was
taken aback for a moment surprised she d ask
that..I didn’t think I should..not till I was ready to
get married that is..

“Well do you?” I asked back..she went to the
dressing table instead

“How then are you fun..your boring girl..and don’t
throw questions back at me” she said putting on
her makeup..deciding the conversation was over
I decided to return to my sister and I
had a weird relationship, we both were polar
opposites both in looks and character, she was
dark complexioned tall and lean like my Dad
while I was average in size and height and fair
complexioned like my mother. It wasn’t the first
time we had gone over this plus the fact she had
invited me to countless parties with her and I
hadn’t gone to any..I wasn’t a saint but I knew
what happened at those parties especially
knowing the kind of friends she kept. My dad had
tried in vain to curb the wilding in her to no avail,
I too had tried talking to her about how Jesus
was the only way but it was like pouring water in
a basket, I would say every family had a black
sheep and I prayed one day she would see the

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