Big Bold And Beautiful – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 12]


The video that was sent to Farouk started playing on itself.


The video captures Donflex, the Five MADE MEN, and the president in the middle of them. Donflex was aiming a revolver at the head of Mr president. Froshberry was the one holding the camera, he connected it to his laptop and pressed a few buttons. Soon, the whole citizens of Nigeria was watching them via television including some neighbouring countries.

Donflex: *clears his throat and looked at the camera* Good evening everyone, sorry to interrupt you by this night is a great night. One that will be remembered for years to come. The person you see here…..

he said pointing at Mr president

Donflex: was your president. I said was because tonight, I am officially the new president of the this great country Nigeria. To all the citizens of Nigeria and the neighbouring countries, I have forcefully collected the title, “MR PRESIDENT”


He shot at the president.

Donflex: this is the beginning of a new era.


Farouk: oh no, he has finally won.

Captain Val: d–n. We called ourselves SHADOWS but yet we couldn’t do anything. We couldn’t stop the death of Natasha’s parents. We couldn’t even stop a mere man from assassinating the president. Now he has successfully become the president of Nigeria.

Robidon: that’s very bad.

Jay-x: Nigeria will suffer under the harsh rule of Donflex.

Jummybabe: common captain, it’s not your fault. We didn’t know that they were attacking the president. Moreover, the killing Natasha’s parent was done when Idris and Konami were badly wounded.

Just then Idris came inside with Akuku on his shoulders.

Jummybabe: *murmured* speaking of the devil.

Konami also ran in with a confused look on his face.

Konami: can it be? Did you guys watch the video clip some minutes ago?

All: yes.

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Konami: common, let’s go over to Nigeria and shake things up. Let’s fight and make sure that Donflex is locked behind bars.

Captain Val: no Konami, we won’t.

Konami: but why?

Captain Val: doing so will start a war and many citizens might die. I don’t want that.

Idris: so what are we gonna do?

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Captain Val: we protect Natasha. I have this feeling that Donflex will come back for her. And we stay low, as always.

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All: yes sir!!!
Captain Val: you all can now go and rest. I wanna stay alone and think things through.

All: yes sir.

They said and left in a sad mood, except Idris who stayed behind.

Idris: jummybabe!!

He shouted as she was about leaving with the others.

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Jummybabe: yes agent Idris!

Idris: you’d better start cleaning all our fifteen jets, three training room, our weapons should be oiled and greased, the swords should be sharpened, all our cloths should be washed and my room should be painted, again!

Jummybabe: what!!!!!!

She shouted. It’s gonna take months of hard work to finish all these things Idris mentioned.

Jummybabe: what did I do?

Idris: hahaha, you thought I wouldn’t know that you went partying in Nigeria?

Jummybabe: but, but, where is your proof.

Idris walked to her, inserted his hand into her pocket and brought out a little chip (a tracking device)

Idris: I have this and lots more allover you. So anytime you go out and party, I am always alerted.

Jummybabe: *shouting with tears in her eyes* I HATE YOU!!!!!

Captain Val and Idris: hahahahahahaha.


I was scared because of the news I just watched. Nigeria is doomed under the leadership of Donflex.

My uncle was already asleep by then. I went to his room to tell him about the tragedy when his phone beeped.

I collected it and check, It was a message from the SHADOWS. out of curiosity, I opened it and read it.


I breathed down in relief. I was about to keep the phone when I saw another message from the SHADOWS, though it was sent about thirty minutes ago. I opened it and it read.


The handset fell down from my hand. I ran back to my room in tears. I jumped on my bed, hugged my pillow and cried.

Since donflex has made me an orphan, he shall die by my hands. That I promise, watch out for my vengeance.

To be continued……

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