Big Bold And Beautiful – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 12]

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She danced like the goddess she was.. I was feeling really nervous, with my cold palms and teeth clinched together.. I nearly threw up but i held myself before i was turned into a terrible comedian
Then Charis twerked her fat ass like never before.. Back flips were done by Bright and it really caught the school’s attention..and finally it was my turn
A voice echoed to me “Enjoy life while you’re alive!” I summoned enough courage and started dancing out my sorrows.. The images of bullying and the laughter kept on repeating in my memory.. the school was really amazed that a fat pepperoni could dance like this.. When we were done, everywhere seems quiet.. Then suddenly a clap was heard at the back.. It was MOM!! The school joined her in clapping and i felt proud of myself
“I love you!” I said to my mum from the stage
She was actually tearing up..then the results were out almost immediately, the principal came up to congratulate me for the happiness i brought to her school.. She asked
“Miss Christabel Ijeoma Zandaya, will you love to say a few things?”
“Yes ma”
The microphone was given to me and i said
“Hi everyone.. I am your school’s fat pepperoni.. I know and am happy to be here to thank each and everyone of you for being gathered here today cuz i have never been celebrated in my life by people because i am fat!!” I started crying then i continued
“Mom has really being their for me even when my dad left ..i am really grateful to her! And to those thinking because you are fat, you can’t do anything.. Stop belittling yourself!..You are big, bold and beautiful so your bodies are beautifully made because God himself made you a temple of great talent.. Live life well..Am not shy of being fat anymore because i have learnt to move on with it and to my team mate and friends, i really really do love you!” The crowd burst out into thunderous claps..Charisma hugged me and mom kissed me..

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