Big Bold And Beautiful – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 12]

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The driver came as she had said.. I was almost dozing off when I heard the horn. I got up lazily and went to Uncle Jimi’s bedroom, he was fast asleep. I shook my head and reassuring myself that all would be well even in the well but I just had to go unless I wanted my reputation ruined.. No time for deep thoughts now, I got into the shower, had a quick one and dressed up.. The horn was still sounding hard… I quickly took my phone and rushed out
The driver was a short man, middle age I could guess. He had in a small Jacket and a Navy blue or dark Jean… He stood beside the car and continued pressing the horn even when i was right beside him.
Hello, I whispered. He turned and ushered me into the car
I was wondering y he didn’t say anything… Nevertheless I have no business with him
The ride was interesting, cool silence only the voice of Lukas Graham, Ordinary things was reigning. We got to the supposed compound, he drove in and parked right in front of a building..
He came out and walked to the back, I thought he was coming to open the door for me.. I waited for some seconds before I decided to come out myself.
I looked around, no sign of Mrs Funke.. I didn’t see the driver either
What is happening??
“Who is there” I said raising my voice a bit
No word, there was gross silence. The night seemed to become darker and scarier
“Who is there? ” I shouted… Still no sound
Now I knew I had entered a snare
I walked to the car to drive myself out bit the doors were already locked.. How? Did i not just come out?
Oh, God deliver me
I was getting scarf bit by bit.. Just the a loud tiny voice filled the atmosphere, I covered my eyes and ran into the house.
I open to the sitting room, pretty cushion, electronic gadgets, dining set but no sign of human.. Gosh if this was Mrs Funke’s house, Why am I no seeing her or anyone
I saw a paper on the table…
Bodly written
Erm…. My body started itching. I went into the room adjacent… It was filled with various kind of ammunition, I stood bilwidered.. What is this place for
Two gunshots sounded. I fell flat in the floor.. My heart was pumping at a larger rate. The window busted open.. I was so scared, stood up carefully to avoid the broken glasses on the floor
Phone rings
I looked at the screen, it was an unknown number
Nevertheless, I picked it
Me: Hello, who is on the line
Voice: It’s me, Mrs Funke..Ola,run from here.. Run
Me: Please MA, what exactly is the problem, you told me to come but…
“There is no time for useless talks now, Ola… Run and run away.
I dropped what I was carrying and rushed do the door.. The door opened suddenly pushing me hard on the floor, I re gathered enough strength and to stand up and run but fell back again when I saw Tara.. She wasn’t wearing the usual devilish smile, it had been replaced with a devilish anger..
I was so scared, I could vividly see my heart pumping out
Me: Tara… …. Tara please forgive me… I didn’t..
Tara: I’ll advise you to keep quiet and start reciting the Lord’s prayer cos even God can’t deliver you
Me: Erm…. Ta…
Tara: SHUT Up… Oh you think you can do bad and go Scott free.. Uh well you succeeded in imprisoning some of souls, you weren’t realising how much woodyou were adding to my Angry Fire.. See I’m ready to vest my venom on you and utterly destroy you wid my hands
Me: Ah…. Tara, please don’t kill me.. Please don’t.. I will do anything you want me…
She gave me a brain formatting slap. I fell on the floor
Two men came inside dragging somebody.. I knelt upright and saw a girl
Me: Tara, do you want to kill us together
Tara: Check her well, I doubt you won’t recognize your girlfriend
I looked at the girl’s face…
Me: Ah…. Folake !!!… Tara no, you can’t kill her.. She didn’t do anything
I heard two gun shots it was so loud… I looked at her she directed my gaze to Folake… With tears in my eyes, I saw Folake lying lifeless in the ground…
Me:Tara, you killed her… Tara !!!! I cried bitterly.. How would I gave my creator if I die this way…
Tara: I didn’t want to kill you but I can’t stand you been with other girls
Me: Are you jealous
She hit the gun on my head.. I shouted in intense pain
Me: But Tara, what have I really done to you
Tara: If you’ll pretend not to know, let me let you know now
(She paused)
I never expected distrust from you, I loved you so much. I really loved you and never believe you could just take me for granted..
You took me for a thief and kidnapped me.. You could’ve killed me if I wasn’t rescued. Do you know how much you made my life miserable.. I saw her cry.. My heart was shredded.. I was so bitter..
Me: Tara, have I not begged you enough.. Please for this last time I’m sorry
She stared at me with tears in her face, pulled the trigger
I cried in pain and collapsed
To be continued

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